Bernese Mountain Dog Cookies

Posted on November 28th, 2009 in Cookies
Check out these puppies!!!

Aren’t they adorable? A dear customer came back to us for an order of cookies for a vet that breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs. It was only appropriate to make them cookies with  a design of this adorable breed. The picture is made out of royal icing and the cookies are sugar/vanilla cookies.
Being a dog lover myself, I really enjoyed making these cookies and I know that the cookies were enjoyed. See what Sarah wrote back after taking the cookies to the vet:
“Thank you so much for the amazing cookies, Mayra! I just cannot get over how darling each little dog was… such attention to detail! I knew they would be super cute, but they surpassed my expectations by far. You are so talented! Our breeder/vet was thrilled to have them and everyone in her office thought they were awesome.”

Thank you Sarah!!!!

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