Thomas the Train Cake

Posted on May 30th, 2010 in Cakes, Cookies

Train Cakes are always fun to make. Whenever I make trains, I have to decide whether to carve it or make it from a cake mold. The following cake combines a little bit of both. I initially made it in the mold, but I had to modify it by carving it so I could make it look like Thomas.

Here’s Thomas the Train!


Thomas’ face is made out of chocolate and the whole engine is White Butter cake. It is all covered and decorated with buttercream.

One wagon was White Butter cake and the other one is Chocolate Butter cake.

And here are the sugar (vanilla) cookies we made for the party. There were 48 of them! The boy was turning 3 years old, so a chocolate  number 3 was made separately and ‘glued’ on the cookies. The numbers had a glow to them as they were brushed with luster dust for an extra touch.

I hope you enjoyed this cake. Like I said before, I enjoy making trains!

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3 Responses to “Thomas the Train Cake”

  1. well, I guess I would like to know how on earth you deliver out of state LOL.. I’m in Utica New York

  2. I was wondering were I could find the train cake mold , not the pan , I too have to make a Thomas the train cake , I need it 3 demential and not pan looking but not having much luck finding the mold . Any suggestion would be greatly apprieciated . And I must your cake is stunning . The details are beautiful this little boy must have really enjoyed his cake 🙂

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I actually used a cake mold from Wilton. This particular mold comes as 2 pices and when you bake it you put the batter in one pan covering it with the other pan. The result is a 3D cake.
    My favorite way to make a train cake is baking layers or cake… and carving it. You do waste a lot of cake because of all that you have to cut, but you give it the shape you want.
    The train cake mold is sold at craft stores like Michaels.
    Good luck!!


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