Hi! I’m Mayra.

I was born in Cd. Juarez, a border city with El Paso, TX. It’s funny when I tell people that I could have breakfast in one country and lunch in another one! I graduated from UTEP with a CIS degree and I currently live in Urbandale, IA. After my first winter in here was unbearable… too much snow for me. I wanted to go back to warm and sunny TX, but I met a wonderful man that didn’t want to let me go and we got married. Now I share a lovely home with my dear husband Matt and my adorable children Lillie, Noah, Viviana and a sweet baby boy, Micah.

My love for creating sweet treats started when I was in college as I decided to learn to make and bake the traditional Mexican desserts such as Chocoflan and Tres Leches cakes. I also experimented with chocolate and created pieces made from modeling chocolate. It was fun.

After having my first child, I decided to stay at home to raise my daughter. I thought about baking again and I haven’t looked back. Now, baking is my passion! I design and bake Cakes. I decorate and personalize Cookies. I enjoy making Cupcakes and love working with Cake Balls and Pops.  Having worked with chocolate in the past gives me an advantage to create unique pieces of edible work that you see from time to time in my sweet treats. And it’s all for you!

Baking and decorating cookies is becoming an obsession though….

The work I do may look simple, but it is very time consuming and a lot of dedication goes into each and everything I do. I work after my family goes to sleep! So I often look like a raccoon (with dark circles under my eyes), but I realize it’s all worth it when I see my client’s reaction when they see my creations.

Love and Passion for what I do are the secret ingredients to my baking. I can’t see myself doing anything else at the moment than being a wife, a mom and a grown up obsessed with creating sweet treats.






I work from my home and therefore, I operate under the Cottage Food Law. This means that although I am allowed to sell my specialized baked goods, I am not licensed or inspected by the local or state health department.