Special Occasion Cakes

Each cake is treated with the ultimate attention to detail. Your cake will be custom designed to reflect your personal style to create a dessert ultimately inspired by your ideas.

I understand that there are many decisions to make when it comes to planning the cake of your dreams. No matter what the occasion may be,  here are some key points you may want consider.

  • Date of the Event.   The date must be available to book with us first of all. The date is also important to know because colors and schemes come into play a lot in cake decorating. Also, cake flavors/fillings may not always be available all year long.
  • The Budget.    You should never be intimidated by this issue as there are many options to make your dream cake or dessert possible. There are always ways to save.
  • Number of Servings.   All cakes are priced differently because they are all custom designed only for you. Wedding cakes are usually priced per slice.
  • Type of Cake Covering.  Do you prefer the all american sweet flavor of buttercream or do you want a sleek and smooth look of a fondant covered cake.
  • Flavors and Fillings.   Your cake should be flavorful, but it should be flavors that you love.

What you should know about my cakes…

Always fresh… Never frozen!!! 

My cakes are always tall! They measure 4″ in height. The taller the cakes the smaller the serving size. Unless otherwise requested, you can always count on three layers of cake and two layers of fillings.

The smallest cake I offer is 8 inches. I only make 6 inch cakes when they are part of a tiered cake or a smash cake.

The number of servings for Celebration/Party cakes and Wedding cakes ARE NOT the same. Typically celebration cakes are based on a 1 1/2 x 2 in. Wedding cakes servings tend to be smaller, approximately 1×2 in.

Round cake servings. Square cakes offer a few more servings.

  • 6 inch    up to 12
  • 8 inch     up to 20
  • 10 inch  30+

Click here for a guide on how to cut cakes.

Sheet Cakes

Sheet Cakes can be ordered for regular parties or as extra cake to supplement the wedding or main cake.  Here is the number of servings sheet cakes offer:

  • 9 x 13    –  16~24 servings
  • 11 x 15  –  32 ~ 48 servings
  • 12 x 18  –  up to  72 servings*

* This is just a suggestion of the maximum number of servings the cake can offer. Servings are based on a 1″ x 1.5″ in size.

Display (Styrofoam) Cakes

Display Cakes, created with Styrofoam material, are also available at an adjusted cost. Whether it is adding more height to your cake without having extra cake or looking for a way to save money, Styrofoam tiers are designed and finished to look just like a real cake.

YES! Real cake and styrofoam cake can be combined.