Sugar Cookies

My hand decorated and made to order sugar cookies are always fresh and never frozen. I use a flavorful royal icing to decorate them and their many decorations can vary from chocolate to edible gold. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they make wonderful edible favors  for showers, weddings, birthday parties and thank you gifts for any occasion.

When trying to decide what is be the best option for your event, think of what you want the cookies to be.

Cookie Favors

Do you want to celebrate and say “Thank You” with an edible favor that your guests can take with them? Depending on the size of your order is the number of designs I can offer.

  • The starting price of a cookie favor is $3 for a cookie that is at least 4″.
  • I do offer some cookies for $2, but the minimum order is $50.
  • Cookie favors are individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag to preserve their freshness and tied with color coordinating ribbons.
  • Always contact me for more information. I may or may not be able to accommodate your order no matter the size.

The amount of decorating details, the size of the cookie and complexity of their design is what ultimately determines the  final price of your cookies. I can decorate any cookie to be priced at $2 or $5 depending on the embelishments.

Please contact me for additional information on prices and/or quote on your custom designed cookies. The following pictures may give you an idea of what a cookie may look like according to the price.


Basic cookies Collage

Elaborate Collage

Intricate cookie $ Collage

fillers Collage

Cookie Platters

Would you prefer to have a cookie platter to offer your guests the option of choosing either a cookie or another sweet treat you may have at your table.

You basically choose the theme and I will arrange a cookie platter for you. The platter will be arranged with cookies of different sizes, shapes and designs. A very special cookie with a distinctive message may be part of the set. These cookies are not wrapped.

tray IMG_0233

Here are the options of cookie platters to choose from.

  • 15 cookies $60.00
  • 20 cookies  $75.00
  • 25 cookies $85.00
  • Bigger arrangements available

 Sugar Cookie Flavors

  • Vanilla/Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Rainbow Vanilla
  • Pecan

Cookie Canvas

Cookie Canvas are now available!!

Cookie Canvas are cookies that your children or party guests can use to write or draw on to make your own creations. You receive sugar cookies that are frosted with your choice of icing color and a box edible color markers.