In this Glossary I will be providing definitions of ingredients, techniques and pretty much anything where may wonder “what is that?”.


Chocoflan — A Mexican cake consisting in a combination of rich chocolate cake and flan (or custard). Aka Impossible Cake, this cake ‘magically’ bakes with the cake on the bottom and the flan on the top. A bath in caramel sauce is typically used to finish the dessert.


Fondant — Also known as Rolled Fondant icing or covering is commonly used to cover cakes. This paste is usually  made from powder sugar, food-grade glycerin (to add with elasticity) and gelatin. It can also be made from marshmallows, powder sugar and shortening.


Royal Icing — A decorative icing that can be made out of egg white, meringue powder or powdered egg whites. It also has powder sugar and it may or may not call for lemon juice.  It dries very hard and can be tinted easily.

My royal icing is made with  meringue powder, powder sugar and flavorings. I never use fresh egg whites that might risk anyone.


Pastel de Tres Leches — This is a traditional Mexican cake that translates as “Three Milk Cake”. It is soaked with three different types of milk. The cake itself is not soggy in consistency, but very dense and moist and delicious cake.