The total price of any confection depends on the overall complexity of the design, accessories/materials used and ingredients (fillings, coverings and cake flavors). 

General Cake Information

There are NO set prices for my cakes because  each and everyone of them is different and unique. This is only a starting price for a basic design. Remember… my cakes are tall!!

Buttercream  6” Cake $50
Buttercream  8″ Cake $65

Two Tier Party Cake:  A  combination of 6″ and 8″ round cakes $120

Fondant covered cakes at $4 per slice.

Smash Cakes:  Available only with additional orders $20


Regular size. $2.00 for a basic design and $2.50+ with custom chocolate/fondant decoration.

Add $.25 if you would like to add filling to your cupcakes.

Cookie Favors

Small cookies available for $2.
Cookie favors
start at $3.

Please refer to the Cookie Section  for more detailed information regarding cookie pricing and other cookie options.


Cake Balls and Cake Pops.  $18 p/dozen, simple designs  (basic straw, sprinkles, drizzles).

Chocolate Covered Pretzels.  $18 p/dozen

Chocolate Covered Caramel Pretzels.  $24 p/dozen.

Additional $5 p/dozen for customization: specialty straw, specialty and/or hand made toppers, custom decoration, characters, ribbons.