Elmo Cake

Posted on September 30th, 2009 in Cakes

Last weekend my mom and I had an extremely busy day on Friday as we prepared two special cakes for our dear friends. Yolanda and Monica didn’t plan this accordingly and they ended up having both of their kids’ parties on the same day! Luckily, one was at 11:00 am and the second one was at 4:30 pm. To us, that meant a busy Friday, tons of buttercream, very few hours of sleep and a really messy kitchen.

Yolanda had an Elmo theme going on so she wanted to celebrate her son’s (Nicholas) second birthday with an Elmo cake. She found a design that she liked and gave it to me to recreate the cake. Here’s the cake she wanted.

I decided to change the tones to make it more vibrant so we added several bright colors. Nichola’s cake was butter chocolate with buttercream frosting and filling. Elmo and the Sesame Street sign were made out of chocolate and I found that Yolanda had a tough time cutting it at the party because she liked it a whole lot.  Here’s the cake we made for him (Later, I’ll find a shot where you can see the entire design).
Here’s the chocolate Elmo.
Happy Birthday Nicholas!!
BTW, we had a lot of fun at the party. Yolanda is really crafty and the table where the cake was sitting was decorated amazingly. She decorated marshmallows and made these beautiful treat bags for the kids. I’ll post a picture of their table when she sends me a picture of it.
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One Response to “Elmo Cake”

  1. Hi, I have just seen this cake and wow what a cake could you possibly tell me how you made it as I live in the UK and it would make a great cake for a family members party next month.

    Thanks again