Cute Monsters Cake

Posted on October 26th, 2009 in Cakes, Cookies
My mom and I had lots of fun this weekend making this cake for one of my dearest friend and my daughter’s Godmother. Well, the cake was for her son Abelito (sweet darling boy) on his first birthday! It was a challenge because I wanted it to be perfect, cute and a bit scary.

The final design consisted of chocolate little monsters going on a trick or treating trip. They were surrounded by houses, chocolate made trees and chocolate pumpkins. Ghosts, haunted cats and goblins surrounded the cake. The bottom layer was sweet white cake with chunks of pineapple and coconut brushed with coconut syrup. The layers were filled with vanilla buttercream and hint of pineapple flavor. The top layer was strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream.


We also made sugar cookies with some of the cute monsters from the cake. The monsters are made out of chocolate so it’s all edible. Here’s my friend Maria and her son Abelito having fun with the cake!

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