Toy Story Cake

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 in Cakes

I almost forgot to post about this fun cake! Have you seen Toy Story? I might be the only who hasn’t seen that popular movie, but I recognize the characters. Well, I had to create a cake with this theme so my I rented the movie for my daugther (and me).

The cake is covered with yellow and white frosting to create a marble effect. It is the first time I do this and it turned out great. Inside the cake we have a Tres Leches cake and no filling. The delicate consistency of this cake doesn’t allow for fillings otherwise it might colapse. Our Tres Leches cake is typically soaked with a delicious mix of milks and sometimes coconut syrup for extra flavor.
Here’s Bullseye (in chocolate), Woody’s trusty steed.
A little three eyed green alien also made from chocolate.
And here we got Woody (an old-fashion pull-string stuffed cowboy doll), Buzz Lightyear (space ranger from star command), and the signature movie logo.
The movie was very funny and I still need to rent Toy Story 2 so we can be ready for Toy Story 3 later this year.
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2 Responses to “Toy Story Cake”

  1. Hi, I would like to contact you about making a birthday cake for my daughter. I pushed contact, but nothing came up. Would you please email me a way to contact you? Thanks a bunch.

  2. Esta es una prueba de comentario May, a ver si te llega a tu nuevo email 🙂