Chocolate Pretzels – Spring

Posted on April 19th, 2010 in Other Sweet Treats

I was very busy creating these tasty Chocolate Pretzels for my sister in law, Amy. As far as ingredients go, there’s nothing to it. Pretzels and chocolate, lots of colors, patience and time (more than anything). First, we have some very colorful flowers.

I finished them all with a clear plastic bag and tied with a pretty ribbon. They make a wonderful present when they are arranged in a pretty cup.

I have two different designs hese. Some are cakes stacked on top of eachother and s0me are presents!

These are some simple, but pretty chocolate lollipops.

And here, some of my favorites fancy treats… chocolate covered strawberries. Some are covered with coconut while others have sprinkles. Either way, there are all so good!

And lastly, we have the butterflies  – how can we not have them?).

What do you think? I love all these confections, especially because they are made with chocolate and that’s my working medium of choice when it comes to creating desserts.

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