Confirmation Event

Posted on April 9th, 2010 in Cakes, Cupcakes

We prepared today a Giant Cupcake for a confirmation celebration. The cake is a white butter cake and it is covered with our buttercream tinted in two different colors, blue and white.

I personally don’t like to decorate the bottom of this lovely cake because I think it looses it’s shape. What I love to do is add a final touch with ribbon around the bottom. The cross topper is made out of chocolate and I added a stick so I could be able to insert that on the top.

This cake design is one of my husband’s favorite! He particularly likes to have it surrounded by cupcakes.

In fact I did make cupcakes for my Kim. We baked 12 white butter and 12 chocolate cupcakes. Here are the pictures.

The frosting is also our home made buttercream tinted blue/white and yellow/white. The top decorations are made out of chocolate. One design is a free-hand made cross with a blue outline and white filling and the other is a pretty dove.

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