Spring Family Music Time

Posted on April 13th, 2010 in Cookies, Cupcakes

Once again I had the pleasure to bring sweets for parents and their children that attended Music Time offered by Kindermusik. Do you know what Kindermusik is? Well, Kindermusik  “is a classroom learning experience” where children gain wonderful experience with all things musical. At the same time they gather skills to become “better learners“.

Here are the cookies and other sweets that we made for them. They are all decorated with royal icing. The cookie flavors were Sugar (vanilla), Cinnamon and Chocolate.

Here are my bunny faces piped with the grass tip to make him look like real bunny hair.

Doggie Bones!! woof woof.

Baby duckies.

I love these bunnies. They are covered in royal icing and then dusted with shredded coconut to give them ‘hair’.

Spring colorful flowers with shiny sanding sugar in the center.

We also brought an assortment of cupcakes. We had chocolate butter, white butter and my tropical cake with walnuts, pineapple and coconut. They are all topped with our home made buttercream and adorned with a small candy on top.

These birds were my favorites! I drew each bird by hand. It wasn’t very easy at first, but then I got the hang of it and they kept looking better. Since it is spring (thank goodness) I thought about making them super colorful. Do you like them?

Sweet and colorful butterflies.

I think everybody at the Kindermusik event enjoyed our treats. We also made chocolate covered marshmallows, but I didn’t get a picture of them. They were very good. I had two kids come to me and tell me ” This is the best mashmallow/cookie that I’ve ever had in my life“. You know how that made me feel? Wonderful. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do… I love seeing people enjoy what I do with their eyes and mouths.

Well, that’s it. I hope you like the cookies and remember that we can make this and much more for your celebration. They are perfect edible favors and everyone will certainly enjoy.

Oh! and don’t forget to visit Kindermusik’s website if you have children and are interested and something like this. It is a wonderful experience to expose your children to. My daughter Lillie has been going to these classes since she was able to attend and now that she is almost 4 years old, she still enjoys it. Jenn Horak-Hult is the director and she is simply amazing at what she does.

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