Pluto Cake

Posted on June 14th, 2010 in News

I love dogs and I love all Disney cartoons. This cake combines a bit of both for a little boy turning 5 years old.

Isn’t he adorable? Inside this cake we have Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and it is covered with Buttercream frosting.

Pluto was made out of chocolate and so as the other decorations such as the doggie bones, the water bowl and the food bowl. I Love it and so did Josh, the birthday boy.

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2 Responses to “Pluto Cake”

  1. You did an awesome job making the Pluto out of chocolate. I am looking to do the same but the Pluto cake pans are discontinued. Can you please share with me how you created yours? Thank you so much in advance! My email is

  2. Hi!

    I honestly didn’t even know that there was a Pluto cake pan. The image is a chocolate image that create myself. Chocolate is a very tricky medium to work with. It can also be done with Royal Icing, but I prefer chocolate by far.