John Deere Birthday Cake

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Cakes, Cupcakes

A wonderful lady and loyal customer wanted me to design a John Deere tractor for his son’s birthday party. Logan happens to love Skid Steer tractors, so here’s what I came up with.

The cake is covered in fondant. The big (and heavy wheels) are a combination of rice cereal and fondant. The cake itself is Spice Cake and Vanilla Buttercream all over.

The cake is sitting on grass covered with dirt! aka as brown sugar.

The whole cake table looked like this. Oh yeah, we also made cupcakes for the kids. 

These cupcakes are Lemon Poppyseed cakes topped with buttercream frosting. A chocolate made tractor is the topper.

Of course we had to have green colored cupcakes. I loved the tractors.

It was wonderful to see little 4 yrs old Logan’s face as I came into the party place. He loved seeing his favorite tractor made out of cake.

See you all for the next treat… actually I’m working on it right now.


Oh! You want to see a naked cake? Close your eyes….

This was our John Deere… all exposed in front of your eyes.

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8 Responses to “John Deere Birthday Cake”

  1. do you have measurements like how tall…how long…did you make the wheels out of rice krispie treats?

  2. Hi!
    It really all depends on how big you want the cake to be. This is constructed from sheet cakes so if you need to make a cake to serve 50 people you would need a lot of sheet cakes.

    The wheels also have to be proportionate to the tractor. Rice krispies is easier than cake in this case.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. How did you make the small tractors for the cupcakes? My son is turning 2 and he LOVES tractors…..I am a beginner cake maker.

  4. Hi Misty,

    Thanks for visiting the site. Well, I can tell you that the tractor toppers are chocolate images that I make often for cakes, cupcakes and more.
    Good luck and happy baking.

  5. Hi! What an amazing cake! Do you by chance sell the chocolate tractor cupcake toppers? And, would you ship them?



  6. Hi Anne,

    Thank You! The toppers can be sold separately, but only in the Des Moines area. They are very fragile and unfortunately they cannot be shipped.

    Thanks for visiting the site.

  7. I need to find 125 of those chocolate tractors for the top of my cupcakes. Could you please tell me where I could find them? I need them by September. Thank you
    Sue Douglas

  8. Hi Sue,

    Unfortunately, those chocolate designs are very fragile and cannot be shipped. They would break very easily.

    Good luck!