Big COOKIE Announcement!!!

Posted on January 27th, 2011 in Cookies, News

I am so excited to share this huge and delicious news in the cookie area.  I have created a new cookie recipe that will please a lot of people, especially if you are a fan of chocolate chips.

My husband (Matt) is a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies and even though he always eats (a lot of them) and loves (I think) my cookies, he often gets tired of them. He keeps asking me to make him and the kids regular, normal chocolate chip cookies. What do you mean normal?

Here is the problem. Typically, a regular chocolate chip cookie will rise and/or have a bumpy look like this so I cannot decorate them.

Well friends, here is the latest addition to the list of sugar cookie flavors.

A flat chocolate chip cookie that I can decorate!!!!

You know what the best part is?  It is flat enough that it can be decorated like a regular sugar cookie and just a delicious as a regular (normal) chocolate chip cookie. The texture and flavor are both pleasing.

I did manage to get a few cookies decorated, but to be honest… they were a disaster. My piping royal icing was very soft and I couldn’t get the results I wanted, so the decorations were breaking a little bit. They were still eaten though and loved! And I even managed to ship some of them.

I got very positive feedback on this cookie, so I can’t wait to start making them for people.

Stay tuned for some Valentine’s Cookies very soon!

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