Birthday Cookies

Posted on February 23rd, 2011 in Cookies

I had the opportunity to make cookies for a wonderful lady who could be an inspiration to a lot of people (including me). Sarah, has lost over 50 lbs by exercising and eating right and she looks amazing!

I see her super early in the morning at the gym with a big smile on her face and really enjoying her workout. Me? I’m dragging my body trying to make it though another morning’s workout. Nobody says it easy, but when you have the determination like Sarah, you can achieve your goals.

Anyway, it was Sarah’s birthday and she wanted to give her friends a small treat to share the special day. This is where I come in….

I prepared cookies following a birthday theme such as presents, party hats, balloons and cupcakes. Here are the pictures.

Party Balloons

Zebra Pattern Presents

Blue and Green Candy

Party Hats

Birthday Cupcakes

I think the cupcakes are my favorites

 Did I mention that her favorite color is blue? That’s why most of the cookies have blue in them and the glitter on some of them to make them shine.

One of my cycling instructors always comes prepared with a water gun and he uses it on us! Whenever he shoots water on us he says “it easier if you smile”. Sarah definitely makes working out look sooo darn easy because she is always smiling.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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