Go Cyclones… Hawks, I mean.

Posted on February 1st, 2011 in Cookies

There’s much to say in this post.

My dear & super friend Maria, gave me a cool cookie cutter for Christmas. I promised her that I would make some of these cookies as soon as I could. I finally got to do it and I liked how they turned out.

Hawkeye Cookie Cutter

Second, for a long time (and I mean loooong time), I didn’t know who was who when it comes to Iowa universities and football. We Mexican people (and/or Hispanic people) call it  American Football.   I have been in Iowa for 10 years now and for many years I didn’t know where the Cyclones or the Hawkeyes were.

So, if you are easily offended by Iowa university football, please skip to the next paragraph because… I don’t really care much about football. Cyclones… Hawkeyes, they were both the same to me. All I know is that I see more yellow “stuff” than red. I just don’t like or understand football, that’s it.

Maria told me that when she was looking for a cookie cutter to get me, she didn’t know which one was my favorite. Easy… I don’t have one! So I was happy with the one she gave me, because it was a new cookie cutter!

Here are the cookies.

Maria will definitely be getting some of these cookies. So will my brother in law… the biggest Iowa football fan I know.

So I’ll close with the title, GO CYCLONES…. I mean, GO HAWKS!

** Note to myself, Red – Cyclones… Yellow – Hawkeyes **

Gracias hermana!

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