Littlest Pet Shop Birthday

Posted on March 4th, 2011 in Cookies

Today is my niece’s 7th birthday! Her name is Sadie and she lives in  El Paso, TX where the weather is much warmer and dry (especially now during winter is when I miss being there again).

Sadie's 7th birthday

Anyway, and we made 60 special cookies over the weekend to be sent to El Paso, TX where she lives. Sadie loooooves the Littlest Pet Shop toys and it didn’t suprise me when her mom asked me to make those type of cookies.

Here are the LPS in case you don’t know them. They are the most adorable looking toys (with huge eyes).

To be honest, these cookies are some of the most difficult ones we have ever made. There are no special molds for them, so everything had to be made free-hand and I had to be creative to find ways to have their images on the cookie.

LPS Butterfly

LPS Frogs

 LPS Green FrogWe had blue, green and orange frogs. Green won. Some are on grass and some on the water.

LPS HorseLPS Horses


I couldn’t resist and I bought my daughter Lillie the Butterfly and the Horse so I could make the cookies.

LPS Butterflies & Horses

 It took us two entire days days to make only 30 Littlest Pet Shop cookies and I couldn’t make more! So we decided to make the other 30 cookies into Party cookies.

Birthday Presents

Birthday Cupcakes

Cakes, Presents & Party Hats

Sadie’s party will be on Sunday and I hope the cookies make it ok and that they all like them. The frogs were made out of sugar and just ‘glued’ on top so they were very fragile.

My family grew up on the border city of Juarez, Chihuahua on the Mexico’s side and I went to collage in El Paso. My sister and her family still lives there and they do visit us once a year on Christmas. The kids have a blast here when they get together and I know they miss each other a lot.

I wish we could be there this weekend for her huge party.

Happy Birthday Sadie !!!

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