Talk About a Bunch of Animals!

Posted on June 11th, 2011 in Cupcakes, Other Sweet Treats

This bunch is a cute one because they were created to be the toppers for baby shower cupcakes.

I always ask customers to see if  they have any ideas, designs or patterns in mind so I can figure out what to do with their request. I received this blanket picture with the baby animals.


Here are the cupcakes with the baby animal toppers.

Giraffes, tigers, elephants, monkeys, parrots, oh my!

And of course my daughter Lillie asked me if I was going to make animals girls. So, I added eye lashes to some elephants.

What do you think? My husband liked them a lot and my boy Noah said “Wow” when he saw the first chocolate pieces.

As far as the cupcake flavors, we had chocolate butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberries inside of them.

Here’s the wonderful comment from my customer.

You did a wonderful job on the cupcakes!  They were SO cute!  And a big hit with everyone at the baby shower (even the men).  People raved about the edible decorations and the chocolate filling.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and talent!”

Big Thanks!!!

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