Star Wars – Captain Rex Cake

Posted on July 16th, 2011 in Cakes

I received a request to make a cake with a Star Wars (SW) theme. Even though I knew that topic is difficult to recreate, I said ‘Yes’.

Before I go into details about the cake let me say that I may not be the greatest Star Wars fan, but I would watch those movies over that Star Trek… ahemm, creations.

Although I like SW, I have ‘sometimes’ a tough time understanding the plot or follow the sequence of those movies. One thing is for sure, I don’t know the difference between one clone or the other.

Back to the cake right? The birthday boy seems to be a huge fan of certain characters from the movie and wanted someone specific on his birthday cake.

This is the paper plate that was handed out. I present to you, Captain Rex (clone ?)….

Yikes! I knew he would be hard to re-create, but not impossible. I made the mistake of involving my husband into this. He really knows his SW stuff and set me straight on which clone is which.

Captain Rex chocolate piece

It did take me quite a while to think about the ‘surroundings’ for the cake.

No, it is not the sun“, said my husband. “It is a planet!“… just don’t ask me its name. Don’t get me started on the flying thingy in the back, I heard the story (not that I listened).

Anyway, here’s the cake.

Star Wars Captain Rex cake

The double sheet cake is covered in buttercream with a marble effect in shades of blue and orange.

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One Response to “Star Wars – Captain Rex Cake”

  1. Wow! What a fantastic cake! I have an order for a Captain Rex cake for next weekend and was wondering how I was going to pull it off! If it’s 1/16 as good as yours, I’ll be happy! Love it!!