It’s been a long time…

Posted on May 31st, 2012 in News

My poor poor blog.

It has been ignored and totally abandoned. I still love it, but  I have to be honest with my dear blog, I am cheating on it.

Yes… I’m cheating on my blog.

I have been busy trying to handle Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and some other ones that I can’t even remember. Oh yeah, there’s Twitter too!

I can’t do it!!! I don’t have enough time!!!

You see, when I post on this blog I have to edit each and every picture and think about what I have to say.  I have to think!!!  I am so tired at the end of the day, I can’t event think.

I have three drafts waiting for me to finish and so many other projects waiting to be posted that I haven’t even started yet.

If you are following me in anyway, here’s the scoop. The fastest way for me to publish my work is through FLICKR. I would say this is my favorite.

Even though I still can’t figure out Facebook, you can find me there also.

Pinterest is my latest addition. I’m still trying to work on that… very slowly, so be patient. I’m also using Twitter… I think.

Anyway, please have patience with me. Sooner or later, my dear blog WILL be updated.

Oh! You can see my latest pictures on the left side of the blog/site. That’s easy for me to do and I update it quickly.

Be back soon… promise! I have so much to show you!


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