Spongebob Square Pants

Posted on September 11th, 2012 in Cookies

There is this very good friend of mine, Lorena. One of those friends… that you really can’t live without.

It is really funny, but Lorena and I are from the same home town of Juarez, MX and lived very close to each other. We also went to the same high school and college. We even ended up working for the same company in Des Moines after graduating from UTEP. You know what the funny thing was? We never knew each other until we were here in Iowa!

The next treat is for Lorena’s daughter, Mariana. She just turned 5 years old and her birthday party was this past Saturday.

This is definitely the quickest (not the easiest) set of cookies I have ever done. I prepared the dough in the morning, baked them in the afternoon and started decorating them in the evening. I never do this for many reasons, but I had to because I couldn’t say no to my dear friend.

It was a long night for me.  I also had to wake up really early in the morning to finish the face details. Thanks goodness for my music.

As a cookie decorator, one of the hardest things to do is EYES. I fear them and they are my nemesis. The eyes is one of those details that can be the big difference between a cookie that makes you say WOW or YIKES!

So here I go…

I had to make the cookies very “simple” and I wish I would have had more time to add more details (or be more careful with them). With more time, I would have made Patrick’s body into a star and add legs to Spongebob. I wish I could have worked on a pineapple also.

I made Patrick the silly starfish.

 Spongebob Square Pants obviously.

I also made a few flowers and presentation cookies (the Happy Birthday cookies).

It was a fun set of cookies to make and I loved how colorful they were.

I wish I would have taken a picture of Lorena’s party table. She really did a great job with all the Spongebob decorations.

Happy Birthday Mariana!

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