Bernese Mountain Dog Cookies for Banks

Posted on February 12th, 2013 in Cookies

I have mixed feeling about the following post.

I absolutely love making sugar cookies, but this time I was a little bit sad during the process of baking and decorating these set of cookies.

They were designed to ‘celebrate’ the good life of a gorgeous dog who unfortunately passed away, Banks, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Banks Collage 1

BMD Banks 1

Usually this tricolor  Swiss breed  has a patch of widely spread white hair on top of the head.

Banks had a distinctive line of white hair, more like a triangle. So I focused on that particular feature when creating all of his cookies.

Banks Collage 6

This is my third set of BMD cookies.  You can see previous posts here and here. In this particular set I included four different designs.

BMD Banks Collage

I think this is by far my favorite design. The green leaves make the dog image pop up a little bit more, I think.

BMD Banks 20

The cookies were  meant to be shared with family and friends of this wonderful dog.  Here one more time is Banks, the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Banks Collage 3

I tried to capture his image the best I could. His owner was very happy to receive the cookies and like I told him, the cookies were made with love and always thinking of his beloved Banks.

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