How To Make Medal Cookies

Posted on February 11th, 2013 in Cookies, Totorials

It’s really hard to start talking about how to make cookies or decorating techniques without even sharing with you basic stuff such as a cookie recipe, but I promise I will work on it.

My point is, I won’t get too detailed or technical until I have shown you the basics (eventually).

This quick and short post is about showing you how you can make those medal cookies I created for my daughter’s gymnastics meet.

gymnastics medals 5

For now, feel free to use any cookie recipe you know. There’s lots of sugar cookie recipes out there. Even cookie dough from the grocery store might work.

This is all you need. Sugar cookie dough, circle cookie cutter and a straw.

Whether I make 5 or 100 cookies, this is how I make my make ALL my cookies.

Roll the dough inside two sticks of the same thickness to achieve cookies of the same height.

cookie dough

Use your cookie cutter to cut your cookie. Press, but do not remove the cutter yet. Take your straw and perforate the dough close to the top. Twist is a little bit and remove the straw. Now you can remove the cookie cutter.

What happens when you remove the cutter and then make the hole you ask? Well, you make the cookie expand just a little bit, but it was enough to drive me crazy. Don’t do it, but try it if you’d like.

This same idea works perfectly well with ornament cookies for Christmas. Use a pretty Christmas ribbon and hang your edible ornament cookies on your tree.

You see? You got two cookie ideas for the price of one!

I’ll try to make the post better in the future when I’m ready to post useful information such as cookie dough types and icings.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it was useful in any way.

gymnastics medals 3

Remember to have One Sweet Treat each and every single day! Thank you for reading!


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