Hello Kitty Cake and Cookies

Posted on May 19th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies

Hello Kitty is one of the favorite characters in my house, so every time I have an opportunity to work on Hello Kitty treats my children get very excited.

This incredibly cute kitty (a Japanese bobtail cat by the way) can be turned into the most adorable treats. When my client send me the colors she would be using for her daughter’s party, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate the cake.

Here is the very colorful Hello Kitty cake I came up with. The cake is decorated in buttercream and it features a chocolate Hello Kitty on the top.

HK cake IMG_2833

Here is a closeup of the buttercream decorating technique I used on the cake. I have to be hones, it took forever! I was so very careful that I wouldn’t make a mistakes using the color patterns. Also, every time I put a dab of icing I had to clean the spatula. Very time consuming and lots of paper towels were used.

HK cake IMG_2838

Here’s the chocolate Hello Kitty. She is surrounded by flowers of all colors.

HK cake IMG_2834

We also baked and decorated a few Hello Kitty sugar cookies. I also made the the full body Hello Kitty, but didn’t take pictures of them (I was in a hurry). You can see some other Hello Kitty cookies in this post.

HK faces IMG_2817 1

The cake included two layers of white butter cake one chocolate with a delicious Oreo buttercream filling. Just a final finished look at the cake. Four fondant decorated flowers for the little girl turning 4 years old.

HK cake IMG_2830

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