Mario Bros – Treats

Posted on July 18th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies

This is a Mario Bros cake designed to celebrate a birthday.

MBros IMG_3392 1

The cake topper consists of a fondant star brushed with lots of glitter (that you probably cannot see here) and a Super Mario chocolate design.

MBros IMG_3408 1

The next three shots are just closeups of some of the cake details. The cake decorations are both fondant (mostly) and chocolate pieces.

MBros IMG_3403

MBros IMG_3406

MBros IMG_3404 1

We also created 1-up mushroom sugar cookies and stars to go with the cake. The sugar cookies are covered with Royal Icing. Again, if the eyes are not correct then I have to discard it. Trust me… I made a few mistakes.

MBros IMG_3385

MBros IMG_3388 1

MBros IMG_3376 1

I absolutely loved those mushrooms. I don’t own the mushroom cutter, but the round cookie cutter worked out perfectly.

1-up mushrooms Collage

I hope you liked them!

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