Fall Cookies -2014

Posted on October 21st, 2014 in Cookies

Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

I was very excited to make again seasonal cookies to celebrate the arrival of this change in beautiful colors, smells and tastes.

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins…. Pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes. This year I decided to add a dark and deep color to the traditional pumpkin cookies that I make, a deep green.

pumpkins IMG_6878 1L

Pumpkins IMG_6881 1 L

The top cookies are huge at about 6″!!! They are also chocolate chip sugar cookies. They are some of my family’s favorite flavor.

pumpkins IMG_6894 1L

I truly enjoy seeing the change of colors in the leaves. Greens, browns, reds and even purples in all shades. It always inspires me to try to recreate such beauty in a sugar cookie.  Here’s my assorted set of fall leaves cookies. I made them last year, but this year just like the pumpkins, I added the deep green color to them.

leavesIMG_6902 1 L

leaves IMG_6863 L

I love this maple leaf. I wish I had a bigger one, but I don’t. Also, the cute acorns. I just realized I forgot to add the steam! Ooops….

leaves acorns IMG_6898 L

Turkeys! I purchased this cookie cutter from Coppergifts and as always, it was giant!! When it finally comes out of the oven it’s huge!!  What’s bigger, “giant” or “huge”? What I am trying to say is that the cookie expanded during the baking process and it got bigger than the cutter. That’s better.

Colorful, festive and sort of silly, here are my turkeys!

turkeys IMG_6938 L

A long time ago I came across a clipart image and I was in love, full of inspiration and left me with plenty of ideas! It was the perfect opportunity for me to put those ideas into cookies. I really liked them.

trees IMG_6948 1L

And finally here’s a quick look at the entire set of Fall inspired cookies.

all IMG_6958 L

What was my favorite this year? The tree…., but my one favorite cookie is the one colorful leaf you see on the picture above. I simply love how the  mix of colors blended.

The most difficult cookie to make? The tree…. just time consuming.

Thanks again for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed looking at these cookies.



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