The Cookie Life of Pi

Posted on April 7th, 2015 in Cookies

This year was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make cookies to celebrate Pi.


Well, Pi = 3.141592 … and so on. An irrational number, but there’s nothing irrational about this post.

A few weeks ago was March 14, 2015.  So on 3-14-15 at 9:26 Math lovers everywhere celebrated Pi and Albert Einstein’s birthday.

When I was in school my favorite subject was Math. I loved it! So,  I was delighted to say “yes” to the request of making cookies to celebrate the special occasion. Here we go..


ALL IMG_8218


I love this first cookie. Super Pi to the rescue! Can you see it? I showed the cookie to my husband before writing on it with the black edible marker and he just stared at it. He couldn’t tell what it was. Oh boy! “Did I make a mistake with this design?”, I thought. My husband was just focusing on the gold color, but if you see the red you get it. You do!

super pi IMG_8172 1

super pi IMG_8173

This next cookie I also like very much. You need to look close and try to figure it out. I told you about the date (the black cookie). Try to read the blue and the white cookie.

Pi  cookie IMG_8204 1

I ate some pie and it was delicious! Yes… it is funny.

Here are a few other designs that I enjoyed making. Pi is infinite, so it was only appropriate to have the symbol somewhere in a design.

Pi 3.14  IMG_8193

Pi IMG_8201

I have another fun cookie for you. This is a notebook with fun uses for the word/symbol Pi so you can figure them out.

Pi notes IMG_8190

Whenever I make a platter of cookies I always try incorporate some simple, but pretty cookie. I call them “fillers”. Here are some of those simple cookies, balloons and other assorted mini cookies with Pi references.

balloons IMG_8207

ALL IMG_8218

Black boards with math teachings, notes and drawings. Black boards because the cookies were for Mathnasium, a math learning center.

blackboards IMG_8181

One final look of this cookie platter. This was one of the big cookie platters that I offer with over 25 cookies.  This is definitely the only platter I will ever make for such an occasion as we will never be able to celebrate this same event. No tears please…

Tray IMG_8227

Happy birthday Albert Einstein and happy Legendary Pi Day.

I believe Mathnasium is a franchise and they would locations all over, but if you are in the Des Moines (West Des Moines) area, follow the link for more information about this amazing learning center.

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