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Valentine’s Day Cookies 2015

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 in Cake Balls, Cookies, Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day Cookies 2015


tray IMG_0233

The first hearts I call “Abstract Hearts”. They are hand painted and they were an ‘experiment’. That means that I messed up a lot of cookies before I was happy with the finished hearts.

I fell in love with an image I saw online while searching for ideas. A set of hearts full of coordinating colors, but no pattern at all. The colors looked brushed and spotted at the same time, if this makes sense. I took the brushing idea and the result is what you see below. They looked very dull and opaque after they dried so I sprayed them with edible glitter to make them shine.

abstract IMG_8096

Are you familiar with Burlap fabric?  Burlap is a fabric material used for sewing and creating home decorations. The next hearts are decorated with the idea of trying to recreate the texture. Let me tell you… decorating these puppies was so time consuming and my hand was cramping after working on just a couple of them. The lines are meant to be really tight and close. I might have achieved the burlap look in one or two cookies, but my hand was numb with all the piping. The red hearts were some of the first ones and the brown ones… some of the last. I’m sure you see the difference.

burlap IMG_8108

The flying hearts are next. I worked on these cookies last year, you can see them here.

hearts w wings IMG_8094

Burlap was one type of fabric design. This next hearts are decorated with a style called Filigree. Filigree consists of curved lines connected to each other and because it is typically used in jewelry or metal pieces in either gold or silver.

filigree IMG_8052

double hearts IMG_8075

Hearts IMG_8140

You may wonder why there is a musical theme to this year’s cookies. I worked on this set for a musical Valentines piano recital offered by children taking piano lessons from Pied Piper Studios (Kindermusik). My daughter participated this year so it was a very special Valentine’s event for our family.

Musical notes, symbols and pianos were some of the designs. You can see last years music Valentine’s Day cookies here.

music IMG_8122

music IMG_8133

musical IMG_8116

Two more designs to show you. I love birds and this year I wanted to incorporate some sweetness inspired by these beautiful creatures. These cookies were some of my favorites.

birds IMG_8033

Here are some teddy bears that may require a little bit more attention next time. there’s no connection between the heart and the arms, but they are still cute.  What I like about them is that they have texture to them, like fur. It might be hard to see it though in this picture. I do like the pandas, they are super cute. They can always get cuter!

bears IMG_8138

Here is the treat table. Besides the Valentine’s Day cookies, I also made rich chocolate cupcakes topped with a dark chocolate buttercream and pink vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream.

Another sweet treat I made for them were Cake Balls. Flavors included chocolate and chocolate ganache buttercream and vanilla with dulce de leche buttercream. Those are delicious!

table IMG_0239

My daughter Lillie did a wonderful job playing her piano pieces and she delighted the seniors with a couple of songs as well as the other children.

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Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 in Cookies

I had the opportunity to bake again for Kindermisik. This time, the treats were for a piano musical concert. The theme was Valentines Day and because it was piano performance, I wanted to incorporate musical items, especially a piano.

Here’s a quick look at the cookies as I arranged them in a tray.


tray IMG_5586


Musical notes displayed on large cookie hearts or fancy shaped cookies. A variety of musical and love messages are part of this design.

Hearts IMG_5516music hearts IMG_5514

music IMG_5511

I made this heart cookie with wings design last year and really liked the way they can be decorated. You can see them here.  This year I decided to use an delicate and very elegant technique called “brush embroidery”  on the wings.

flying hearts IMG_5533

Here are a few other assorted heart shaped cookies in different sizes, shapes and colors.

yellow hearts IMG_5582 1

LOVE hearts IMG_5578

LOVE hearts IMG_5580

Here you see the pianos.  I have to admit that I had a few issues with them this year and they were not as clean and/or straight as I wanted them to be, but I still liked them. I decided to add a pink key to them as well as hearts and love words.

PIANO IMG_5528 1

piano IMG_5583 1

quilted heart and piano

The next heart shaped cookie is covered with a quilting technique.  A piped border finishes the edges and gives them a special touch to them. This design doesn’t need much more details as it is simple and elegant just as it is.

quilted heart IMG_5525

quilted hearts IMG_5522

A final look of the cookies in their platter. Although red, pink and white where the main Valentine’s Day colors, I love how there’s a few shades of bright yellow and purple in the set.  The touch of black was added for the musical cookies and it stands out beautifully.

tray IMG_5590

tray IMG_5588


Thanks for visiting my site again. I hope you like the Valentines Day cookies for 2014.

Valentine’s Day (Cookies) 2012

Posted on February 23rd, 2012 in Cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and spent time with friends and/or loved ones. It is truly a day for friendship and certainly for love (innocent and mmmh, wild).

This year we made over 80 Valentine cookies in al different colors, shapes, and sizes. This year is I focused more on ‘sets’ of cookies. I took so many pictures that I instead of showing you 100 of them, you’ll see some pretty photo collages (well, I think they are pretty).

We start with the Love Birds Quilted Pink and Gray cookie set (yikes, what a name….!).

This particular set of Lovebirds went to a lovely couple engaged to be married in October. Congratulation on your engagement Josh and Katie!

Those cookies went to Lillie’s teachers. She wrote their names on the cookies to make them extra special (Mrs. Howard & Mrs Finny). Thanks for your hard work!


I have been waiting so long to make the next set of cookies. Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to make sexy cookies and I really loved the way they turned out. The inspiration for those was real lingerie (NO! I don’t own them).

 Need I say more?


Back to the cute and lovely…. Here’s a bunch of hearts in  many different shapes and sizes, colors and patters. Loved them!!

Hearts with wings.

A dozen cookies went to my niece’s (Laysha) teachers for Valentine’s Day. Another dozen went to my other niece’s (Alexis) teachers. They both took some of those corset cookies and they loved them!


My sister works at this company called Proteus and the were having an after Valentine’s Day party. They ordered Valentines cookies displaying their company logo on a big heart cookie.

There are actually more to show…. I’ll do this on another post.

For more pictures visit my Flickr Page.

Thanks to everyone who ordered cookies for Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them.

Christmas Cookies of 2011

Posted on January 11th, 2012 in Cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year. Now it is back to the usual routine right? Well, Valentines Day is coming up soon.

I simply had NO time to write about the Christmas cookies we made this year (I blame the kids for it). Instead, and I hope it is only this one time, I’m showing them to you in a couple of collages. Better late than never uh?

First, lots of Christmas Houses (aka very time consuming cookies).


 And the rest of the cookies.

So here you go. Whooosh… I feel much better now.

I think overall we made over 150 cookies easily and it was a lot of fun.

You can always see more pictures (and bigger) on the cookie gallery (starting on page 9).

Valentine Cookies

Posted on February 1st, 2011 in Cookies

I have a few Valentine’s Day cookies to show you. I really didn’t have any order, but I was in the cookie ‘mood’ so I decided to bake, go to sleep late and work on them. Why no uh? Not like sleeping is important right?

Since these cookies were small and medium, I decided not to decorate them too much.  I believe the little ones look better with simple decorations.

 Once they were ready, they were wrapped with a pretty ribbon.

Valentine Cookie Tray

How would you like to get this for Valentine’s Day. It would be a nice change to chocolate. Well maybe both because chocolate is always good.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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