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Posted on May 19th, 2016 in Cookies, News

Superhero cookie time to celebrate a 2nd birthday!!!


SpiderMan and evil SpiderMan.

spiderman Collage3

spiderman IMG_1809 1


superman IMG_1842 2


Batman is my absolute favorite superhero.


batman IMG_1865 2


Captain America.


CA IMG_1828 1

The fun birthday cookie tray.

TRAY IMG_1891 2


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Cookie Lips

Posted on February 29th, 2016 in Cookies

There were lots and lots of these cookie lips done over the weekend. Lips  in shades of red and pink with a small floating heat detail on the side.


lips IMG_1265 2

lips IMG_1268 2

lips IMG_1277 1


Since there were lots of these cookies made, I was able to make a few different flavors such as the always requested vanilla, chocolate (my daughter’s favorite) and cinnamon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cub Scouts

Posted on February 10th, 2016 in Cookies

My son Noah is a proud Cub Scout and he loves being one.

Last year I made cookies to share with his friends to a retreat campout they had.


tiger scout

tiger IMG_3911

tiger IMG_3913 1


wolf IMG_3923

wolf IMG_3926


A tiger cub, a wolf, a fleur de lis, and animal paws. Loved them!!


Because working on my blog takes so much of my time, I haven’t been posting my work lately. The fastest way for me to post my latest work is on PinterestFacebook and my new favorite Instagram. Check it out and join me!

I’ll be back with some details about these cookies.

Doc McStuffins

Posted on February 9th, 2016 in Cookies

I worked on the following cookies for my cousin in Illinois. As they celebrated her daughter’s 2nd birthday she requested cookies to hand out as Thank You favors to guests at the party.



The making of a Doc McStuffins face cookie.

Doc IMG_0882

Doc McS all IMG_0905

DocMcStuff Collage


This was a fun cookie set to make. Happy birthday Noelia!!


Because working on my blog takes so much of my time, I haven’t been posting my work lately. The fastest way for me to post my latest work is on PinterestFacebook and my new favorite Instagram. Check it out and join me!

I’ll be back with some details about these cookies.

Rubix Cube Cake

Posted on February 8th, 2016 in Cakes

My wonderful SIL gave me the opportunity to work again on a cake to celebrate her growing twins’ birthdays.


Rubix Cube Cake IMG_0993

Rubix Cube Cake Collage


Happy Birthday Gavin & Madox!!!



Because working on my blog takes so much of my time, I haven’t been posting my work lately. The fastest way for me to post my latest work is on Pinterest, Facebook and my new favorite Instagram. Check it out and join me!

I’ll be back with some details about the cake.

Halloween 2015

Posted on October 29th, 2015 in Cookies

If you are not ready by now well… then go off to the store and load up with candy and costumes because Halloween is just around the corner.

So here I am posting the Halloween cookies I made a few weeks ago just in the nick of time. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

All the cookies were on the simple side. Let’s just say they were simple but cute.

Candy Corn.

I have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn. I kind of like it, but not in huge quantities. When it comes to Halloween, I always have to make CC cookies.  I love the one with the mustache….


I wanted to add more design to the wrappers and what better way to do it than with the spider webs. If you look closely, I also added some “dimension” to the layers of frosting.

Minnie Mouse.

A year or two ago I made a Halloween Minnie Mouse without a plan in mind. It wasn’t my favorite, but it has been very popular in other places such as Pinterest. Last year I baked the MM with intentions of making it better and I never finished it. I was not going to let it happen this year. I baked it (again without knowing what I would do with it) and since my husband loves zombies (crazy dude) I decided to turn her into a Zombie MM. Loved it!!


The same way I always make CC, I always make Pumpkins. I love playing with them, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to put up a fancy cookie so I just added details in between the pumpkin separations (you may not be able to see it) just like I did with the cupcakes.

Candies & Spider Webs.

I forgot to take individual pictures of those two cookies, but you can see the in the last image. Again, simple cookies due to my lack of time.


candy corn IMG_4072

cupcakes IMG_4070

Minnie IMG_4074

pumpkins IMG_4064

All IMG_4079

Have a safe and happy Halloween. I look forward to spending another super cold evening around the neighborhood with my children hoping for the good candy to land in their Halloween bags.

Happy Halloween from a Dart Vader, a grown up Bumblebee and a Pink Lemonade Princess.


Minecraft Sweet Treats

Posted on October 21st, 2015 in Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes

One of my best friends, Dessie, gave me the opportunity to work on a Minecraft project. They were ready to celebrate her son’s 7th birthday with a Minecraft theme and I was up for the challenge.

My son is a huge fan of this game. I don’t understand it and to be honest it makes me dizzy just looking at  it. Noah was part of this cake and cookie making process from beginning to end as he “educated” me about the game, the characters and the purpose of the game (which I still don’t understand, but I won’t tell him that).

This is my second time making a Minecraft cake. The making of it can be… very time consuming.

  1. You need to take the time to color the material (fondant) into many shades of each color. 3-4 brown and 3-4 green and a few grey.
  2. Measuring (and later cutting) the squares can be tedious. You have to take into consideration the size (height and length) of the cake to make sure that the squares will fit properly. It can be a pain in the … neck.
  3. Once you know the exact measurement of the squares you have to cut and cut and cut. It really takes a lot of time if you don’t have some specific tools. I don’t, so I had to make rows and rows of fondant strips and cut them individually.
  4. Once the squares are cut, the process of putting the cake together is easier. This is the fun part of the cake process.

cake IMG_4040 1

The cake was a very decadent chocolate cake so to add to the variety, I made vanilla cupcakes. Specialty toppers with TNT and Creepers’ shapes.

Cupcakes Collage

The cookies were thank you favors. My son Noah was in charge of telling me what to make and which characters or items were more important in this very famous game. The whole set included: TNT, Creepers, Pigs, Pixel Axes, and I must not forget Steve.

all IMG_4027

tnt IMG_4006


pig IMG_4017

steve IMG_4028

axe IMG_4022 1

One final look of the cake please…

Minecraft Cake Collage

Thank you dear friend for allowing me to be part of this special occasion in your family. Baking and creating these Sweet Treats for Leo was special and fun.

Happy Birthday Leo!!

Lillie’s Birthday Party – Part 1

Posted on September 10th, 2015 in Cakes, Cookies

One more year…. one word to describe it, bittersweet. My daughter Lillie turned 9 years old and we celebrated her birthday with a gymnastics/basketball party.

Let me show you the cake first which features her love and dedication for gymnastics.


4th July Cake 2015 IMG_2728 1L

bars IMG_2739

beam IMG_2727

closeup IMG_2729 1

4th July Cake & Cookies 2015 IMG_2746 1

Because editing pictures and preparing everything for the blog takes me so much time. The last picture shows you a preview of the cookies. Once I get those ready to post, I’ll show them to you.


Ruffle Rainbow Cake

Posted on September 6th, 2015 in Cakes

I made this cake for my nice Layla who celebrated her 4th year last August. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures because I finished only a few minutes before my SIL came to pick it up.


cake L IMG_3443

rainbow IMG_3448

ruffles IMG_3445 1

cake at the party

Ruffles ruffles rainbow ruffles. I’ve had the pleasure of doing Layla’s cake the past 4 years and they are all very colorful and fun. It was certainly fun to make this cake for her again.

Stella & Dot 2015 Jewelry Collection

Posted on August 25th, 2015 in Cookies

A second opportunity to turn beautiful jewelry into edible pieces of work.

s&d IMG_3534

s&d collection 2015 Collage

All IMG_3532

tassel IMG_3515

sets IMG_3507 1

gold IMG_3517

S&D IMG_3535

I’ll be back with details about making these cookies.

Here’s a couple of links you can follow for more information about Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories and Jenni Bodensteiner, your personal styler.

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