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Posted on May 19th, 2016 in Cookies, News

Superhero cookie time to celebrate a 2nd birthday!!!


SpiderMan and evil SpiderMan.

spiderman Collage3

spiderman IMG_1809 1


superman IMG_1842 2


Batman is my absolute favorite superhero.


batman IMG_1865 2


Captain America.


CA IMG_1828 1

The fun birthday cookie tray.

TRAY IMG_1891 2


Stella & Dot

Posted on August 10th, 2015 in News

I’ll try working on text and information for this post later, but in the meantime enjoy looking at this set of cookies I made. They were inspired by Stella & Dot jewelry.


S&D IMG_8369

Black IMG_8375

black IMG_8395

W&G IMG_8377

White IMG_8391

all IMG_8383

Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for visiting the blog!


It’s Movie Time!

Posted on November 5th, 2014 in Cookies, News

The cookies you are about to see are super fun and they were fun to make also.

Popcorn Sugar Cookies!!!

closeup popcorn IMG_6730

But you cannot get in the movie theater without a ticket. The ticket was inspired by the party invitation we received from Rachel. The ticket was the personalized cookie I made specially for her.

ticket IMG_6731 1

popcorn IMG_6718

And here is the whole set of cookies.  The cookies were  cookie favors for girls attending Rachel’s birthday party.

popcorn IMG_6694


Transformers – Autobots Sugar Cookies

Posted on August 19th, 2014 in Cookies, News

Here is a quick look of the latest Transformer cookies I made.


 A closeup of the cookie set.

IMG_6225 1


bumblebee IMG_6215 1


Optimus Prime

Optimus IMG_6212

A final look of the cookies.

All IMG_6222


The cookie favors were designed for a birthday boy who loves Transformers.

You can find more Transformer cookies here. I will work on adding a few details of these cookies in the near future.

4th of July Birthday

Posted on September 12th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes, News

I am super excited to share with you the very special treats I made for my lovely daughter Lillie as she celebrated her 7th birthday this year.

I don’t really struggle much when it comes to the color scheme that I plan to use for her birthday treats. As a 4th of July baby, I always know that I MUST incorporate Red, White & Blue. I do freak about making something that will be much better than the previous year. Now that she is a little bit older and realized what I can do, the challenge can be making a cake that she ‘approves’ and ‘loves’ (if I’m lucky).

This year was a tricky one since I asked her ideas of what she wanted the theme to be or a main design of the cake.  Well… bad questions. She wanted everything and it all sounded so complicated !!!! My dear Lillie asked for a beach cake (and she’s never been to the one) and wanted me to incorporate summer items. At the same time, she mentioned how much she loved the zebra pattern and reminded me that it it would be Independence day.

Oh boy…. After many sleepless nights thinking about how to incorporate ALL those ideas into ONE cake, here’s the end result.


ID47 Cake IMG_3325

ZEBRA: You typically see thick zebra lines/pattern on cakes  added using fondant and ‘glued’ on the cakes. I decided to try a different technique and painted the top and bottom layers of the cakes. I painted the zebra lines on the cake horizontally and diagonally as opposed to many cakes out there where you see them vertically instead. They are also more on the thin side.

4th of July Birthday Collage

Lillie absolutely loves Chocolate cake so there was no other choice. The additional cupcakes were vanilla and a few chocolate. I wish I could have taken a picture of a cut cupcake because the vanilla batter was actually red, white and blue to create multicolor cupcakes! A chocolate star was added as the topper.

ID47 Cake IMG_3315

BOW: I made the bow at the very last minute with fabric ribbon that I found at Michaels. I have always loved this type of bow so I wanted to incorporate it into the cake.

OTHER FOOD: With her birthday falling on such a special day for all of us, I am always very fortunate to find all sorts of goodies out there related to Independence Day. I found  m&m’s, fish crackers, twizzlers and all the silverware and decoration. Yeah!

4 July Treats  Collage

COOKIES: The cookie platter included all sorts of playful items related to the beach and hot summers not to mention that odd request of adding zebra patter to the theme.

Going clockwise starting at the top right: Ice Cream Cones, Sunglasses, Swimsuits and Bikinis, playful Kites, and Beachballs.

Cookies Collage

sunglasses IMG_3275

Definitely some of my favorites were the bikinis and the sandals, the sunglasses too. All the sugar cookies were decorated with the same theme in mind. No chocolate designs this time, it was all royal icing.

Clothing Collage

swimsuits IMG_3297

sandals IMG_3269

In the end, I have NO idea what the 4th of July, Zebras and The Beach have to do with each other, but I got it done. Somehow, I think it all worked out.

Lillie's Party 2013


All the girls (and my boy Noah) had a lot of fun.  We celebrated Lillie at a nearby YMCA so the girls (and some adults) were able to get into the pool for a long time.

Lillie IMG_5784

Happy Birthday sweetheart!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Musik Cookies for Miss Molly

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 in Cookies, News

Boy I have One Sweet musical Treat for you.

We have been very fortunate that for the past few years, my children have been attending music classes at Kindermusik – that’s why there’s a “k” in musik up there in the title, not because I don’t know how to spell 🙂  Sorry, I’m just not good at making jokes.

This next set of cookies was designed for their wonderful music teacher, Miss Molly. Unfortunately for us she is moving out of town and this is to thank her for all her hard work (and lots of patience).

It turned out to be a very colorful cookie set because I use all the Kindermusik colors. Check out the link on the right side.

First, lots of musical notes focusing a lot on the color purple which I think it’s their main color.

Musical notes cookies 3

Next we have a Glockenspiel instrument. Honestly, I have never heard of this instrument before. Then again, I’m not a music geek… expert. This was my daughter’s musical instrument two semesters ago. It looks a lot like a Xylophone doesn’t it? I was told that.

Music - glockenspiels

Even thought they haven’t been exposed to a guitar in the classes, I thought it would be fun and obvious to include a guitar in the set. After all, you can always relate a guitar with music.

Music - guitars

Music instruments 1

One thing I always say is that One Sweet Treat looks ugly before it looks pretty. The following cookies were looking so simple and dull at the beginning. Hearts and circles covered only in royal icing…. boring. Once I added the details and all the musical notes, I was in love with them.

Music cookies 2

Music Cookies 3

If you look closely on the cookies you’ll some special messages.  My husband said that I shouldn’t be focusing too much on the fact that she was leaving, but I wasn’t. You see, at the end of each music session they always sing a Good Bye song.

Good bye, good bye it’s time to say goodbye”.  That’s all I can remember.

057 (3)

I was so pleased with this set of cookies. I really hope Miss Molly was too. She was such a wonderful teacher and we will all miss her very much.

Miss Molly Collage 2

A very special Thank You to Miss Molly for all that she did and gave to all of our children (mine and not mine) by sharing her wonderful music talent and expertise.

Music Cookie Tray

We will all miss you very much and we wish you all the best. The next Kindermusik children to have you will be so lucky to have such a wonderful music instructor.

Oh! and here’s my Lillie’s special cookie for Miss Molly. Lillie is super creative.

lillies cookie for molly

Before I leave, I have to show a closeup of this picture from the collage because it’s so funny.

k 2012

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