Puppy Love Cake

Posted on October 12th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies

About a month ago, my wonderful sister in law gave me the opportunity to design and create a cake to celebrate her daughter’s 2nd birthday. I always appreciate the freedom of her cake requests. She provides a main theme and several sources of inspiration, but she lets me play with the final cake design.

For Layla’s birthday she asked for a Puppy, multilevel cake. I later received a picture of the beautiful dress Layla would be wearing at the party. Amy also added a few cake ideas on her Pinterest board and the rest was up to me. Love it!!

Here is a collage that features most of the details of the cake.

Puppy Cake Collage

A red doggy collar with a shimmering silver buckle is the detail that separates the tiers. Now I wish I would have made a dog leash… maybe next time.

Puppies 2 IMG_3626 1

A set of cute and playful puppies are the main details of this birthday cake. Since the puppies are all females, I folded stripes of fondant and used them to create the little flowers that you see by their ears. The pink one has a couple of bows though…. with lots of shimmering dust.

fondant puppies Collage

Black set of puppy paws are placed on the front of the top tier. I also made smaller gray and brown paws, but they are on the sides and back (and I didn’t take a picture). The doggy bone accents the bottom tier and emphasizes the 2nd birthday.

Puppies IMG_3644

Puppies IMG_3642 1

And here’s a final look of the cake before getting into the cookie part. Oh, cake flavors include Almond cake and Strawberry cake.

Dog cake IMG_3630 1

Here are the sugar decorated cookies. I absolutely love the many possibilities to decorate Scotty cookies. Their little vest are very versatile and could be well adopted to any color scheme.

Puppies IMG_5822

Puppies IMG_5830

A few more doggy cookies. Since I don’t know the specific breed of this cookie cutter, we can assume is a lovely and faithful mutt.

Puppy Cookies Collage

There you go. A wonderful set of treats for a puppy/dog lover of any age. In this case, my now 2 year old niece Layla.


I hope you had a fun and beautiful birthday.

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Snakes on a Cake!

Posted on January 10th, 2011 in Cakes, Cupcakes

This post has been waiting patiently it’s turn to be posted, but the time arrived. Here’s a cake with snakes.

This cake was designed with lots of love because it was for my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s son (followed that?), Lalo. This dear boy was celebrating another year on December 5th. His mom (wild mom, in a good way of course) had the idea of combining his love for snakes and the number 6 (for his sixth birthday).

So, Lalo loves snakes and his mom looooves cake. To please both of them, we made lots of cupcakes and chocolate snakes that looked like the number 6. The chocolate snakes were cupcake toppers.

Snake on a Cupcake CakeGiant cupcake and baby cupcakes

 Here are some of the pictures from the party.

 Starting on the top left side we have the new addition to the family, Mario and behind him Jose (dad). Axel, my sister’s boy and my little Noah whose birthday was the day before. In the middle we have the monkey from Monkey Joe’s. On the right side Alexis, Jose’s daughter. Lalo, the birthday boy below her and Laysha (my sister’s daughter).

The birthday boy

 The birthday boy gets to sit on a really cool inflatable chair like a king. Looks comfy uh?

Lalo and Alexis

My Noah!

Not his best picture, but a funny one.

If you are in the Des Moines area, Monkey Joe’s is a very fun place to have a party and spend a good time with kids and family. 

*** Happy Birthday Lalo ***

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