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Superhero cookie time to celebrate a 2nd birthday!!!


SpiderMan and evil SpiderMan.

spiderman Collage3

spiderman IMG_1809 1


superman IMG_1842 2


Batman is my absolute favorite superhero.


batman IMG_1865 2


Captain America.


CA IMG_1828 1

The fun birthday cookie tray.

TRAY IMG_1891 2


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Doc McStuffins

Posted on February 9th, 2016 in Cookies

I worked on the following cookies for my cousin in Illinois. As they celebrated her daughter’s 2nd birthday she requested cookies to hand out as Thank You favors to guests at the party.



The making of a Doc McStuffins face cookie.

Doc IMG_0882

Doc McS all IMG_0905

DocMcStuff Collage


This was a fun cookie set to make. Happy birthday Noelia!!


Because working on my blog takes so much of my time, I haven’t been posting my work lately. The fastest way for me to post my latest work is on PinterestFacebook and my new favorite Instagram. Check it out and join me!

I’ll be back with some details about these cookies.

Celebrating a 40th Birthday

Posted on August 11th, 2015 in Cookies

Here are cookies I made to celebrate a 40th birthday.


40th Golf IMG_2820 1

Golf IMG_2822

40th All IMG_2834

40th Grocery IMG_2832

40th tray IMG_2914

I will be working on details for this post later. I am so far behind on posting my work, but at least I want to  show you the pictures of what’ve I have done. It might be a while, but it will be done.

Stay tuned….

Noah’s 6th Birthday!!

Posted on January 9th, 2015 in Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes

My sweet Noah is now 6 years old and all six of them have been so wonderful.

This year he decided to celebrate his birthday with a Pokemon theme party with all his friends.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the cake. I was in such a rush at home that I took the cake directly to the venue. Now I regret it.

This Pokemon cake has the Water element represented by the standing candy rock sticks on the top of the cake. We also have the Grass and the Fire element, each covering one third of the cake (shown on the right top and bottom side of the picture below).  We couldn’t miss the basic element of Electricity shown on the very front of the cake.


Pokemon Cake - Noah


I did take a lot of pictures of the cookies thank goodness. Typically, when I’m the one hosting the party I am working on the cake and the cookies and everything else until the very last minute. This time I was able to finish them the day (or two) before the party.

First, the party favors. Pokeballs sugar cookies were individually packaged and tied with pretty ribbons for each one of the children.


pokeball IMG_7534


The tray had a combination of all the cookie designs and his special birthday message cookies.


tray closeup IMG_7587 1

tray closeup IMG_7588 1

Although I wish I could have incorporated a lot of the Pokemon characters, I could only do so many of them. I focused on some of the ones Noah requested, his favorite ones. Some of the characters include: Pikachu (my favorite!), Charizard (Noah’s favorite), Charmander, Totodile, and Squirtle.

pikachu IMG_7550

Pikachu IMG_7545

This is Squirtle, a water Pokemon.


squirtle IMG_7542

Charizard an evolved form of Charmelion, a fire Pokemon. Noah’s favorite Pokemon because it is a dragon (cousin of the Dinosaurs, he believes) and it has fire.

charizard IMG_7559

Totodile. More like a crocodile right? This cutie is another water basic Pokemon like Squirtle.

tododile IMG_7566

The adorable Pokemon on the bottom right is Charmander. He is a fire basic Pokemon that actually evolves into Charizard (the one to it’s left). I didn’t get a picture by itself.

charmander IMG_7572

I love how the Pokemon logos turned out.

all IMG_7576 1

A tray with all the assorted Pokemon sugar cookies.

tray IMG_7593

A final look at my son’s 6th birthday cake.

cake IMG_7601b

My birthday boy Noah (bottom right side next to the boy wearing #21, Jack) and some of his friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the children in the picture. Some kiddos were outside the party room having fun.

noah's friends

The party was so much fun. We actually held it at the same location as last year. Noah specifically requested it. Even though we went to look at other fun places, he said that it was so much fun playing at Backyard Adventures, that he couldn’t go anywhere else. He was in charge!

I never in my life imagined that I would have a son that would enjoy watching the same cartoons I watched as a young girl. I was thrilled to hand him over my Pokemon movie collection as well as some of my Pokemon figurines. I never had Pokemon cards, but we have to thank Santa Claus for bringing him a large collection of trading cards that he can now play with.

Happy birthday my loving son. I love you with all my heart!!!

It’s Movie Time!

Posted on November 5th, 2014 in Cookies, News

The cookies you are about to see are super fun and they were fun to make also.

Popcorn Sugar Cookies!!!

closeup popcorn IMG_6730

But you cannot get in the movie theater without a ticket. The ticket was inspired by the party invitation we received from Rachel. The ticket was the personalized cookie I made specially for her.

ticket IMG_6731 1

popcorn IMG_6718

And here is the whole set of cookies.  The cookies were  cookie favors for girls attending Rachel’s birthday party.

popcorn IMG_6694


Jungle Animal Treats

Posted on October 9th, 2012 in Cookies, Cupcakes

Once again I had the pleasure of making birthday treats for a very special friend whom I love so much. Her name is Dessie and she has a couple of beautiful kids, Leo and Gabbie.

Today’s treats were designed for Leo’s 4th birthday. Leo loves animals and he decided to celebrate his birthday at the Des Moines Zoo. Suggested by his mom, a jungle/zoo animal theme was the perfect design.

First things first, finding cute and age appropriate jungle animal clipart. Here’s my inspiration and design base. Just google “jungle animal clipart” if you are ever looking for ideas.

Bakers Tip: Working with large and simple clipart to create cookie or cake decorations is easier than small and busy pictures. The details will drive you crazy when the pictures are small and very detailed.

Here are Leo’s Jungle Animal cupcakes! Cupcake flavors included Chocolate butter and Lemon with a Raspberry filling all of them topped with Buttercream icing.

Dessie’s husband, our dear friend Jon, loves my cookies so sugar cookies were part of my plan.

Now that I’m editing this post, I’m wondering why I didn’t make giraffe print cookies. Oh well….

I arranged a pretty birthday platter for Leo to make Leo’s birthday extra special. Sorry for the ugly pictures.

And the rest of the cookies were bagged in clear treat bags for gift giving. I think by far my favorite animal cookie this time was the tiger below.

The birthday party at the zoo was a lot of fun. They brought out three animals out so children would learn about them. The visitors were a domesticated bunny (aahhhh), a small alligator (scaaary), and the third one I can’t remember, but my boy tells me that it was a turtle so we’ll go with that. The kids and some of the grown ups got to touch them… NOT me. That alligator jumped out of the box when they were taking him out. Thankfully they caught him!!

Happy Birthday sweet Leo.  We loved making the treats for you and I hope you also loved them too. Love Ya!

Spongebob Square Pants

Posted on September 11th, 2012 in Cookies

There is this very good friend of mine, Lorena. One of those friends… that you really can’t live without.

It is really funny, but Lorena and I are from the same home town of Juarez, MX and lived very close to each other. We also went to the same high school and college. We even ended up working for the same company in Des Moines after graduating from UTEP. You know what the funny thing was? We never knew each other until we were here in Iowa!

The next treat is for Lorena’s daughter, Mariana. She just turned 5 years old and her birthday party was this past Saturday.

This is definitely the quickest (not the easiest) set of cookies I have ever done. I prepared the dough in the morning, baked them in the afternoon and started decorating them in the evening. I never do this for many reasons, but I had to because I couldn’t say no to my dear friend.

It was a long night for me.  I also had to wake up really early in the morning to finish the face details. Thanks goodness for my music.

As a cookie decorator, one of the hardest things to do is EYES. I fear them and they are my nemesis. The eyes is one of those details that can be the big difference between a cookie that makes you say WOW or YIKES!

So here I go…

I had to make the cookies very “simple” and I wish I would have had more time to add more details (or be more careful with them). With more time, I would have made Patrick’s body into a star and add legs to Spongebob. I wish I could have worked on a pineapple also.

I made Patrick the silly starfish.

 Spongebob Square Pants obviously.

I also made a few flowers and presentation cookies (the Happy Birthday cookies).

It was a fun set of cookies to make and I loved how colorful they were.

I wish I would have taken a picture of Lorena’s party table. She really did a great job with all the Spongebob decorations.

Happy Birthday Mariana!

Baby Sesame Street Cake

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I can’t believe that I made this set of cakes and cookies a long time ago and never posted it. Better late than never….

I have been making more and more tiered cakes for birthday celebrations. Tall cakes are not just for weddings. Cakes with several levels or tiers are becoming more popular, at least with me.

I had a previous customer requesting  a tiered cake to celebrate her son’s 1st birthday. Here’s a couple of designs that she liked. I do welcome other cake decorator’s designs *.

With those designs in mind, I created the following cake.

The cake is covered and decorated in fondant. My client is a fan of chocolate delight cake with raspberry filling so the those were the flavors of the entire cake. The cake topper is a cookie and it features baby Cookie Monster. This cake is very popular in my Pinterest site.

Here are some of the other cookies that we made for the the birthday boy.

The cookies are sugar cookies covered with royal icing and the baby sesame street are made out of chocolate.  

Whether it is two or more levels/tiers, consider a tiered cake for your next event or celebration. Tall cakes are eye catching and will make your celebration one to remember.

* Pictures of other cakes are always welcome by the way. I will not replicate the cake (because I wouldn’t want other cake decorator doing the same to me) but I will definitely take some of the design ideas and incorporate them into your own cake.

Lalaloopsy Cookies for Sadie

Posted on March 21st, 2012 in Cookies

This is a very special post because the following cookies were made for my niece Sadie who turned 8 years old back on March 4th. I know, I know… I’m so far behind on lots of things. At least the post is here!

Last year Sadie was absolutely in loved with the Littlest Pet Shop dolls. You can check out the cookies we made for her here. This year, she is a big fan of the beautiful Lalaloopsy dolls.

If you are not familiar with those dolls, let me tell you… they so stinking adorable!!! They are supposed to be rag dolls that magically came to life. So you’ll see lots of stitching and sewing decorations on the cookies. I actually think that the Lalaloopsy dolls were one of the top toys for girls last year.

My sister Lizi asked me to make Sadie’s birthday cookies this year. She had one particular doll in mind. My niece’s favorite doll was Mittens Fluff “N” Snuff and the cute pillow.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was scared. They are beautiful dolls, but they are also VeRy detailed. I spent many sleepless nights just thinking how would I even start the cookies and whether I should go with chocolate or RI (royal icing) designs. Both chocolate and RI have their advantages and disadvantages you know. Chocolate melts… RI breaks.

Anyway, Mittens Fluff “N” Snuff couldn’t travel to El Paso, TX by herself so we also made Pillow Featherbed and her adorable lamb.

If you follow my blog you know that I specialize in chocolate designs.  Last year I made the designs with RI and because they were shipped (and we all know that the Postal office, although thank you for your service, don’t really take good care of fragile packages). I hate to admit that some of them broke. I took the risk and went with my specialty… chocolate designs and hoped for the best.

So after many sleepless night (I’m not lying to you), Lalaloopsy nightmares, and 50 bags of icing (both RI and chocolate), here are the cookies.

First, Mitten’s Fluff “N” Snuff and her lovely pillow. I think I could have done a better job with the pillow now that I look back and think about them. They could have been more fluffier, but I still liked them.

Here’s a collage of most of the cookie designs. Do you see the stitching and sewing details? That’s what the Lalaloopsy dolls are all about.

Here’s a closeup of their logo.

Then we have Pillow Featherbed and her sidekick the lamb (sorry, I don’t know it’s name).

And a closer shot of their cute partners.

I’ve only been to one of my niece’s parties because we live so far away. I think she had turned 2 years old then. It was a big party so I know that my sister goes totally out for Sadie’s parties (I would too!). I’m not kidding, here’s my niece…

See the resemblance! She looks very pretty!!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Sadie and that you enjoyed your treats. We wish we could have been there!


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This post is about my son Noah who turned 3 years old back in December.

My son is just like his daddy in a scary way. He is absolutely in love and/or obsessed with Batman, Spiderman and Transformers (especially Bumblebee). His favorite animals are lions, tigers and Dinosaurs (by far). Believe me, he can be a combination of all of them at the same time. He is a true/real boy. He has been able to sit and watch the Jurasic Park movies since he was 2. But it’s all in phases.

A month ago it was ALL about Bumblebee from the Autobots. Trust me, I don’t know the lingo. The only reason I know that ‘big’ word Autobots is because of my husband, the sci-fi geek.

Anyway, since Noah was all about the Transformers I decided to make him cookies of his favorite characters.

Optimus Prime

And both of them.

I’ve never seen him more excited to see my cookies. The sleepless night was all worth it.

We made enough cookies to take to his music class. He looked so happy carrying a basket of cookies for his little friends at Kindermusik and his teacher Miss. Molley.

Happy Birthday darling!

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