Transformers – Autobots Sugar Cookies

Posted on August 19th, 2014 in Cookies, News

Here is a quick look of the latest Transformer cookies I made.


 A closeup of the cookie set.

IMG_6225 1


bumblebee IMG_6215 1


Optimus Prime

Optimus IMG_6212

A final look of the cookies.

All IMG_6222


The cookie favors were designed for a birthday boy who loves Transformers.

You can find more Transformer cookies here. I will work on adding a few details of these cookies in the near future.

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Spiderman Sugar Cookies

Posted on March 27th, 2014 in Cookies

For all the superhero fans of Spiderman.

I may not like Green Lantern too much (hope my husband doesn’t read this!). I am also not a big fan of Superman either (oh gosh, I really hope he does NOT read this), but I don’t want to go into that. Spiderman is ok, I enjoy his movies.

I had the opportunity again to make Spiderman cookies. My son Noah was very excited to see that I was working on them. He suddenly asked me if I was going to make the “evil one”, he said, “the one with the pointy teeth”. I pondered for a moment and then realized that he was talking about the evil character that appears on the 3rd Spiderman movie. I kissed my son for the wonderful idea!!!

The Black Spiderman sugar cookie was born.


spiderman IMG_5366

b & w spiderman IMG_5374

b & w IMG_5377

Besides the Spiderman cookies, I made some spider web cookies with a huge red spider that I think looks like the iconic arachnid from the comics. The eyes of the Spiderman cookies and the big red spiders were brushed with luster dust to give them shine.

all IMG_5385

spiders IMG_5383

I did make one of the black spiderman cookies with the sharp and point looking teeth. It was too scary for a 4 year old, so I decided to keep it. Noah didn’t even want to eat!

Here’s a final look of the cookies. I hope you liked them.

SPIDERMAN logo Collage


Orange Train Cookies

Posted on September 7th, 2012 in Cookies, News

The following cookies have been in my list of blog posts drafts since 2011!!! Oh my…

One year after making them and I will finally post them. If I can remember correctly, the sweet recipient of the cookies specifically requested orange cookies with Train designs for his classmates at school.

Here are the cookies…

Sugar cookies with a chocolate train blowing steam.

Orange Trains

A year has past since I baked these babies and I’m still creating cakes for this little boy, but I’m not ready with that cake post yet :).

I promise I won’t wait another year.



Posted on January 5th, 2012 in Cookies

This post is about my son Noah who turned 3 years old back in December.

My son is just like his daddy in a scary way. He is absolutely in love and/or obsessed with Batman, Spiderman and Transformers (especially Bumblebee). His favorite animals are lions, tigers and Dinosaurs (by far). Believe me, he can be a combination of all of them at the same time. He is a true/real boy. He has been able to sit and watch the Jurasic Park movies since he was 2. But it’s all in phases.

A month ago it was ALL about Bumblebee from the Autobots. Trust me, I don’t know the lingo. The only reason I know that ‘big’ word Autobots is because of my husband, the sci-fi geek.

Anyway, since Noah was all about the Transformers I decided to make him cookies of his favorite characters.

Optimus Prime

And both of them.

I’ve never seen him more excited to see my cookies. The sleepless night was all worth it.

We made enough cookies to take to his music class. He looked so happy carrying a basket of cookies for his little friends at Kindermusik and his teacher Miss. Molley.

Happy Birthday darling!

Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Posted on September 27th, 2010 in Cakes, Cookies

The is a special post because my dear nephew (adopted by heart) celebrated his 2nd birthday. Abelito is now 2 years old and he simply loves the Disney movie Cars. I have to admit I had never seen the movie, but Matt (my hubby) rented it a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t watch it all because I was baking, but the bits and pieces I got to watch looked very funny and cute.

Abelito’s mom, Maria (we go way back) wanted a Tres Leches cake, but here’s the deal with this delicious cake. A Tres Leches Cake is sooo incredibly moist that the delicacy and softness (not to mention deliciousness) of the cake doesn’t really allow for a a heavy frosting like buttercream or fondant. It is hard to decorate, but I did manage to have some delicious Dulce de Leche Buttercream on top. Anyway, here’s what I came up with for Abel.

Lightning McQueen Chocolate Piece

Lightning McQueen Sugar Cookies

Lightning McQueen Sugar Cookies for Abelito

We really had fun at the party. The food was great, the kids enjoyed the piñata & people liked the cake.

I hope you had a great birthday Abelito, we love you! Good luck to his mom, she is due with baby no. 2 anyday now…

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