Happy Birthday Noahsaurus!

Posted on February 28th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes

In the next few days I’ll be adding several post of desserts I have made… in the past. Lets say, ways back in the past.

2012 was a year of lots of sweets and treats that unfortunately didn’t get posted. So I am planning of showing the pictures and later adding the very important details about each and every event.

So with that, and and apology to my own son, we’ll get started with this post.


This was all for my Noah’s 4th birthday party.

JPIII Collage


Dino cookies3


Dino cookies1


Dino cookies2


Dino cookie platter1


dinosaurio table party 2


JPIII table Collage



Happy Birthday my sweet boy! He is my little Noahsaurus.

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Super Why – Whyatt Super Hero

Posted on September 27th, 2011 in Cakes, Other Sweet Treats

Ask me about cartoon shows for kids 5 years and under and I will probably tell you all about them.  I really can’t believe I traded my grown up shows for cartoons… but’s that’s life uh?

Anyway, SUPER WHY is in that long list of cartoons that now I am so familiar with. What??? You don’t know them??? Well, here’s a picture of them. They are kinda cool, but I still don’t understand the pig among children super heroes.

My target this weekend was the green super hero, Whyatt Beanstalk.

A dear friend of mine, Yolanda (I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing her name here) asked me to make a chocolate piece of this little character for her son’s birthday party cake. She would be making the cake at home and I would provide the image for her.

Here’s the chocolate piece that was recreated for the cake.

Cute uh? I really liked it and people at the party did also.

Yolanda came over the house with her cake and we set the image on top of it. It looked really nice, but I don’t have a picture of her finished cake.  She promised to send me a picture of it though.

About two years ago, her son was very much into Sesame Street. If you are interested here’s a link to the Elmo cake I made for her back in 2009.

My friend is a very crafty person and she made super hero capes for every child at the party as her thank you favors. My kids had fun at the party and they are still playing with their capes.

Thank you Yolanda!

Star Wars – Captain Rex Cake

Posted on July 16th, 2011 in Cakes

I received a request to make a cake with a Star Wars (SW) theme. Even though I knew that topic is difficult to recreate, I said ‘Yes’.

Before I go into details about the cake let me say that I may not be the greatest Star Wars fan, but I would watch those movies over that Star Trek… ahemm, creations.

Although I like SW, I have ‘sometimes’ a tough time understanding the plot or follow the sequence of those movies. One thing is for sure, I don’t know the difference between one clone or the other.

Back to the cake right? The birthday boy seems to be a huge fan of certain characters from the movie and wanted someone specific on his birthday cake.

This is the paper plate that was handed out. I present to you, Captain Rex (clone ?)….

Yikes! I knew he would be hard to re-create, but not impossible. I made the mistake of involving my husband into this. He really knows his SW stuff and set me straight on which clone is which.

Captain Rex chocolate piece

It did take me quite a while to think about the ‘surroundings’ for the cake.

No, it is not the sun“, said my husband. “It is a planet!“… just don’t ask me its name. Don’t get me started on the flying thingy in the back, I heard the story (not that I listened).

Anyway, here’s the cake.

Star Wars Captain Rex cake

The double sheet cake is covered in buttercream with a marble effect in shades of blue and orange.

Mickey Mouse’s Playhouse Cake

Posted on February 23rd, 2011 in Cakes

Who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse? For a 2 year old boy, this was a dream cake. He is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and his mom decided that the clubhouse would make his birthday super special.

First, let me show you Mickey’s Playhouse.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the cake.

The bottom layer of the cake  we have Torta alla Crema Italiana with buttercream frosting and  Chocolate cake on the top.

I do have to admit that it was not  my design. The customer handed me a printout of the cake she wanted and we replicated it as best as we know.

I loved it.

Snakes on a Cake!

Posted on January 10th, 2011 in Cakes, Cupcakes

This post has been waiting patiently it’s turn to be posted, but the time arrived. Here’s a cake with snakes.

This cake was designed with lots of love because it was for my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s son (followed that?), Lalo. This dear boy was celebrating another year on December 5th. His mom (wild mom, in a good way of course) had the idea of combining his love for snakes and the number 6 (for his sixth birthday).

So, Lalo loves snakes and his mom looooves cake. To please both of them, we made lots of cupcakes and chocolate snakes that looked like the number 6. The chocolate snakes were cupcake toppers.

Snake on a Cupcake CakeGiant cupcake and baby cupcakes

 Here are some of the pictures from the party.

 Starting on the top left side we have the new addition to the family, Mario and behind him Jose (dad). Axel, my sister’s boy and my little Noah whose birthday was the day before. In the middle we have the monkey from Monkey Joe’s. On the right side Alexis, Jose’s daughter. Lalo, the birthday boy below her and Laysha (my sister’s daughter).

The birthday boy

 The birthday boy gets to sit on a really cool inflatable chair like a king. Looks comfy uh?

Lalo and Alexis

My Noah!

Not his best picture, but a funny one.

If you are in the Des Moines area, Monkey Joe’s is a very fun place to have a party and spend a good time with kids and family. 

*** Happy Birthday Lalo ***

Pirate Cake

Posted on January 2nd, 2011 in Cakes, Cookies
I received a request for a Pirate cake for a boy’s birthday party. 

Pirate Cake

 The cake is part water and part sand. We have a map, a treasure chest with yummy pearl, a compass and a very scary skull image.

 Inside the cake it’s white butter cake with a very chocolately frosting. The frosting is intended to have a marble look with a couple of different shades of brown.

Along with the cake, we prepared Pirate sugar cookies also for people who didn’t want cake.

Pirate Sugar Cookies

Can you see the skull designs? To make them a little bit brighter and not too serious or dark.

Curious Joe’s (George) Cake

Posted on October 27th, 2010 in Cakes, Cupcakes

I met this sweet boy who is completely in love with the famous and lovable Curious George. The picture of Curious George shows him flying away with a thousand (maybe just a few less than 1000) balloons out of the city (therefore the chocolate buildings). It is a picture that comes from Joe’s favorite Curious George books and he happens to own a blanket with that same image.

Inside the cake we have two layers of chocolate cake and one white with chocolate buttercream.

We also made Tres Leches cupcakes for them with an adorable face of Curious George. The cupcakes are topped with Dulce de Leche buttercream frosting.

Sweet Joe had a big smile on his face when he came with mom to pick up the cake and cupcakes.

Here’s what Kelly (Joe’s mom) sent me later that day about the cakes, “Everyone is very impressed with your cake design and tastes and just overall yummyness!

Thank You Kelly!!!

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