Digger Man Cake

Posted on August 19th, 2011 in Cakes

I received a request to create a construction cake for a birthday boy in love with construction vehicles, a yellow digger to be specific. Mom told me about his favorite book, Digger Man.

If you have never heard about this book (and I had not), here’s a picture of it.

Construction sites, mud, dirt, trees… how fun! I can make mud, dirt and trees from many different edible things. I tried to stay as close to the book image as possible. We start with some details of the cake.

First of all, the yellow digger. This is a chocolate made image that’s removing some piles of rock/dirt just like in the book (because a little boy is trying to clear the ground to make a playground for his little brother, if you really want to know).

Chocolate Yellow Digger

My client thought it would be fun to add some construction tape and cones around the cake. Caution tape, check! Construction cones, check!

Cake details

Here’s the tree. I added one or two pieces of pretzel sticks to ‘raise’ the trunk and make it seem more real. I thought the pretzel would be better than a pile of frosting (not that’s it wrong, because it’s still good). Some buttercream leaves and grass to decorate the scene.

And here the finished cake.

Digger Man in action

The cake was white butter cake with alternating sections of vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache (mmmmh, ganache).

I don’t really know how the story ends because my 2 year old boy is more into dinosaurs and animals than anything else. I’m sure it is a very cute book and will soon be going to the store to check it out.

Hope you liked it.

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