Doc McStuffins

Posted on February 9th, 2016 in Cookies

I worked on the following cookies for my cousin in Illinois. As they celebrated her daughter’s 2nd birthday she requested cookies to hand out as Thank You favors to guests at the party.



The making of a Doc McStuffins face cookie.

Doc IMG_0882

Doc McS all IMG_0905

DocMcStuff Collage


This was a fun cookie set to make. Happy birthday Noelia!!


Because working on my blog takes so much of my time, I haven’t been posting my work lately. The fastest way for me to post my latest work is on PinterestFacebook and my new favorite Instagram. Check it out and join me!

I’ll be back with some details about these cookies.

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It’s Movie Time!

Posted on November 5th, 2014 in Cookies, News

The cookies you are about to see are super fun and they were fun to make also.

Popcorn Sugar Cookies!!!

closeup popcorn IMG_6730

But you cannot get in the movie theater without a ticket. The ticket was inspired by the party invitation we received from Rachel. The ticket was the personalized cookie I made specially for her.

ticket IMG_6731 1

popcorn IMG_6718

And here is the whole set of cookies.  The cookies were  cookie favors for girls attending Rachel’s birthday party.

popcorn IMG_6694


Lalaloopsy Cookies

Posted on March 16th, 2014 in Cookies

Three new Lalaloopsy sugar cookies!!

The new Lalaloopsy sugar cookies are, Alice in Lalaloopsyland, Sunny Side Up and Cinder Slippers.

all IMG_5713 1

Alice in Lalaloopsyland

A fair skin Lalaloopsy doll with a big curiosity to know about everything.  She wears her long blond hair in pigtails and ties them with black ribbons. Although you don’t see it here, her pet is a little white bunny.

Alice wlogo Collage

alice 2 IMG_5684 1

Sunny Side Up.

Sunny is a lovely full size doll that works at the farm taking care of her animals. A pretty fuchsia bow holds her adorable bright orange hair and uneven strands of curly hair. She is one cute tomboy that would make any girl fall in love with her.

Sunny wlogo Collage

sunny IMG_5673 1

Cinder Slippers

Yes! This adorable doll was inspired by the Cinderella story. Cinder is a fair skinned doll with soft pink cheeks. I love how she wears her blond hair up in a ponytail and uses a light pink bow. Her black eyes really stand out against her light and fair colors.

Cinder wlogo Collage

cinder IMG_5698

One last view of the three new dolls. My goal should be to make the full size body Lalaloopsy and/or their pets uh?

all IMG_5707 1

I think they are adorable! I am so glad I had the opportunity of working on three more dolls to add to my collection of Lalaloopsy sugar cookies. You can see more of them here and here.

Thank you for visiting the site. Have One Sweet Treat today.

Lalaloopsy Sugar Cookies

Posted on March 1st, 2014 in Cookies

I’m excited to bring you again the Lalaloopsy Dolls… in cookies.

I have made Lalaloopsy cookies several times now. You can check more cookies faces here  and some assorted cookies that I baked for my niece here.  This time I got the opportunity of making a new character, Dot Starlight.

lalaloopsy logo Collage

Crumbs Sugar Cookie, my favorite!!! Of course…

crumbs IMG_5347

crumbs IMG_5310

Pillow Featherbed.

pillow IMG_5351

pillows IMG_5318

three IMG_5342

Dot Starlight

Dot was my latest addition to this Lalaloopsy sugar cookie collection. She is cute!

dot logo IMG_5345

dot IMG_5314

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff.

Before you start asking questions (to yourself or me), allow me to clarify. Whenever I see Mittens, her skin seems a little bit darker than the usual Lalaloopsy. I made a mistake, I admit it. I ended up using Dot’s icing color to cover some of Mitten’s cookies. It was way too dark for her, but I realized that too late.  I still think she looks cute though, but if I have the opportunity to make them again I will make adjust the color.

mittens IMG_5357

mittens IMG_5293

buttons all Collage

Would you like to guess what is the hardest thing to do with these Lalaloopsy dolls cookies? The hair!!!I will explain later.

Anyway, did you like them? I always enjoy working on them.

Thanks for stoping by to check One Sweet Treat!

Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Posted on January 18th, 2014 in Cookies

Butterfly Cookies to celebrate Abbie turning 7 years of age. A little bit more about Abbie  and how the cookies came to life later on…

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!



mariposas IMG_5041

mariposas IMG_5046

mariposas IMG_5052

mariposas IMG_5021 1

mariposas 2 Collage

mariposas IMG_5008

mariposas IMG_5054 1

mariposas IMG_5043

Mariposas Collage

Happy birthday sweet Abbie. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and cookies.

Lalaloopsy Cookies – Faces

Posted on May 2nd, 2013 in Cookies

Lalaloopsy here, Lalaloopsy there, Lalaloopsy everywhere!!!

lalaloopsy dolls

These popular magical rag dolls are everywhere!! How can they  not be when they are so adorable. If I where only a few years younger (maybe more than a few) I would love to own some of them.  I would play with them all day long.

I have a six year old girl that for some unusual (crazy) reason, is not very fond of them. She owns some of the little dolls and some big ones. I even bought her Forest Evergreen (the Lalaloopsy boy) to see if I could convince her to like them, but nothing. So I guess for now in my household, I’m alone with my love for these so cute dolls.

Since I can’t play with them (maybe I can, but I won’t – that’d be weird, right?) I make cookies instead.

I wanted to make cookies different from the ones I’ve made in the past. Choosing which Lalaloopsy dolls to make is the dilemma. They all are so adorable! I visited their site (for the 100th time) and decided to go with the following rag dolls.

Lalaloopsy Cookies

Bee Spells-a-Lot. The gorgeous soft orange hair and pretty blue eyes. This is one very smart cookie.

Lalaloopsy IMG_4890

Crumbs Sugar Cookie. This is the classic cookie, you know… the one cookie that I would “have” to make. “Sugar Cookie”… get it? I love her.

Lalaloopsy IMG_4886

Jewel Sparkles. The little princess of the collection. Always dressy, always graceful. A little bossy, but that’s ok because she’s a princess.

Lalaloopsy IMG_4892

And here are the three cookies of this set. One thing I should mention is that I don’t own a cookie cutter for the dolls. I have to cut the cookie dough for each one of cookies. It is a very time consuming process, but I have fun.

Lalaloopsy Collage

I hope to have the opportunity again to create some different Lalaloopsy cookies again. I have been wanting to create one of the boys such as Patch Treasurechest or Ace Fender Bender. I think I see them in a near future…

Lalaloopsy Cookies for Sadie

Posted on March 21st, 2012 in Cookies

This is a very special post because the following cookies were made for my niece Sadie who turned 8 years old back on March 4th. I know, I know… I’m so far behind on lots of things. At least the post is here!

Last year Sadie was absolutely in loved with the Littlest Pet Shop dolls. You can check out the cookies we made for her here. This year, she is a big fan of the beautiful Lalaloopsy dolls.

If you are not familiar with those dolls, let me tell you… they so stinking adorable!!! They are supposed to be rag dolls that magically came to life. So you’ll see lots of stitching and sewing decorations on the cookies. I actually think that the Lalaloopsy dolls were one of the top toys for girls last year.

My sister Lizi asked me to make Sadie’s birthday cookies this year. She had one particular doll in mind. My niece’s favorite doll was Mittens Fluff “N” Snuff and the cute pillow.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was scared. They are beautiful dolls, but they are also VeRy detailed. I spent many sleepless nights just thinking how would I even start the cookies and whether I should go with chocolate or RI (royal icing) designs. Both chocolate and RI have their advantages and disadvantages you know. Chocolate melts… RI breaks.

Anyway, Mittens Fluff “N” Snuff couldn’t travel to El Paso, TX by herself so we also made Pillow Featherbed and her adorable lamb.

If you follow my blog you know that I specialize in chocolate designs.  Last year I made the designs with RI and because they were shipped (and we all know that the Postal office, although thank you for your service, don’t really take good care of fragile packages). I hate to admit that some of them broke. I took the risk and went with my specialty… chocolate designs and hoped for the best.

So after many sleepless night (I’m not lying to you), Lalaloopsy nightmares, and 50 bags of icing (both RI and chocolate), here are the cookies.

First, Mitten’s Fluff “N” Snuff and her lovely pillow. I think I could have done a better job with the pillow now that I look back and think about them. They could have been more fluffier, but I still liked them.

Here’s a collage of most of the cookie designs. Do you see the stitching and sewing details? That’s what the Lalaloopsy dolls are all about.

Here’s a closeup of their logo.

Then we have Pillow Featherbed and her sidekick the lamb (sorry, I don’t know it’s name).

And a closer shot of their cute partners.

I’ve only been to one of my niece’s parties because we live so far away. I think she had turned 2 years old then. It was a big party so I know that my sister goes totally out for Sadie’s parties (I would too!). I’m not kidding, here’s my niece…

See the resemblance! She looks very pretty!!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Sadie and that you enjoyed your treats. We wish we could have been there!

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday

Posted on March 4th, 2011 in Cookies

Today is my niece’s 7th birthday! Her name is Sadie and she lives in  El Paso, TX where the weather is much warmer and dry (especially now during winter is when I miss being there again).

Sadie's 7th birthday

Anyway, and we made 60 special cookies over the weekend to be sent to El Paso, TX where she lives. Sadie loooooves the Littlest Pet Shop toys and it didn’t suprise me when her mom asked me to make those type of cookies.

Here are the LPS in case you don’t know them. They are the most adorable looking toys (with huge eyes).

To be honest, these cookies are some of the most difficult ones we have ever made. There are no special molds for them, so everything had to be made free-hand and I had to be creative to find ways to have their images on the cookie.

LPS Butterfly

LPS Frogs

 LPS Green FrogWe had blue, green and orange frogs. Green won. Some are on grass and some on the water.

LPS HorseLPS Horses


I couldn’t resist and I bought my daughter Lillie the Butterfly and the Horse so I could make the cookies.

LPS Butterflies & Horses

 It took us two entire days days to make only 30 Littlest Pet Shop cookies and I couldn’t make more! So we decided to make the other 30 cookies into Party cookies.

Birthday Presents

Birthday Cupcakes

Cakes, Presents & Party Hats

Sadie’s party will be on Sunday and I hope the cookies make it ok and that they all like them. The frogs were made out of sugar and just ‘glued’ on top so they were very fragile.

My family grew up on the border city of Juarez, Chihuahua on the Mexico’s side and I went to collage in El Paso. My sister and her family still lives there and they do visit us once a year on Christmas. The kids have a blast here when they get together and I know they miss each other a lot.

I wish we could be there this weekend for her huge party.

Happy Birthday Sadie !!!

Cookies – The Shoe Collection

Posted on September 16th, 2010 in Cookies, Other Sweet Treats

I have so many cookies to show you and other extra treats too. The Shoe Cookies I’ll be showing you were all designed for a little girl going back to school… well, daycare! Anyway, the point is that all girls young or old, loooove shoes.

Here we have the PINK collection.

This is the COLORFUL collection.

Here we have the ORANGE collection.

And this is the YELLOW collection.

And the rest of the shoes….

Some cookies were sugar cookies and some brown sugar cookies. They were all decorated with royal icing.

The next treats were designed for a boy that wants to be chocolatier when he grows up. That touched my heart since that’s how I started.

So there you go. Many pictures of Sweet Treats to share with you.

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