Halloween 2015

Posted on October 29th, 2015 in Cookies

If you are not ready by now well… then go off to the store and load up with candy and costumes because Halloween is just around the corner.

So here I am posting the Halloween cookies I made a few weeks ago just in the nick of time. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

All the cookies were on the simple side. Let’s just say they were simple but cute.

Candy Corn.

I have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn. I kind of like it, but not in huge quantities. When it comes to Halloween, I always have to make CC cookies.  I love the one with the mustache….


I wanted to add more design to the wrappers and what better way to do it than with the spider webs. If you look closely, I also added some “dimension” to the layers of frosting.

Minnie Mouse.

A year or two ago I made a Halloween Minnie Mouse without a plan in mind. It wasn’t my favorite, but it has been very popular in other places such as Pinterest. Last year I baked the MM with intentions of making it better and I never finished it. I was not going to let it happen this year. I baked it (again without knowing what I would do with it) and since my husband loves zombies (crazy dude) I decided to turn her into a Zombie MM. Loved it!!


The same way I always make CC, I always make Pumpkins. I love playing with them, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to put up a fancy cookie so I just added details in between the pumpkin separations (you may not be able to see it) just like I did with the cupcakes.

Candies & Spider Webs.

I forgot to take individual pictures of those two cookies, but you can see the in the last image. Again, simple cookies due to my lack of time.


candy corn IMG_4072

cupcakes IMG_4070

Minnie IMG_4074

pumpkins IMG_4064

All IMG_4079

Have a safe and happy Halloween. I look forward to spending another super cold evening around the neighborhood with my children hoping for the good candy to land in their Halloween bags.

Happy Halloween from a Dart Vader, a grown up Bumblebee and a Pink Lemonade Princess.


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Halloween Cookies – 2014

Posted on January 8th, 2015 in Cookies

How do I post Halloween work after Christmas work? I have three kids and a husband that acts like another one (sorry hubby).

I know it’s late, my poor blog suffers all the time. Nevertheless, I still want you to see this Halloween cookie collection (2014). So here it is.


Hello October!!!

hola octubre IMG_6960

Halloween is not Halloween without candy corn. Unlike other times where I have plain lines between the colors, this time I decided to give them a little bit of realistic character and distress the colors right where each color is changing. Can you see it? Also, last year I got the colors mixed up. This year I took the time (a minute to be honest) and googled real candy corn. The top color is white, middle orange and bottom yellow.

candy corn L IMG_6905 1

Oh, but this year I gave them customs to make them look spooky (or cute). Are you scared now? Boo…

candy corn faces L IMG_6906

candy corn faces L IMG_6935

I love these guys. I got this cookie cutter at my local grocery store and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. It is such a huge head and such a tiny body. Some of them are cute… some scare and some… creepy!!

pumpkin bodies L IMG_6919

pumpkin body IMG_6923 1a

I’m happy… I was happy with them. Most of the cookies went to my church’s Octoberfest event, their cakewalk. Some other cookies were placed in a big basket and taken to the schools office (St. Francis of Assisi). Many thanks to the school’s staff for all their work. They are all wonderful people.

Looking forward to next’s Halloween cookies. I better start thinking about it! Time goes by so fast….

HaLLoWeEn – – – -BoO!!!

Posted on October 18th, 2013 in Cookies

I hope everybody had a safe and happy Halloween. Here are some of the cookies I baked and decorated for this Halloween celebration.


Candy corn IMG_4390

I have to make spiders. These cute yet frightful spiders have very detailed legs. If you look closely, I pipped three sets of leg extension for each one of the legs. Time consuming, yes, but I liked the way they turned out. When my daughter saw them she said “Yucky!”. She is only two….

spiders IMG_4377 1

Halloween IMG_4237 1

spiders IMG_4375 1

I made different versions of the ghosts. The same mold, but each one a little bit unique. This year, I focused on their facial expressions. Some happy, some scared and some of them mean.

ghosts IMG_4382

Halloween IMG_4234

ghosts IMG_4386 1

Ghosts IMG_4228

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. I’d better decorate some Halloween sugar cookies every year or as might as well not bake al all. So here we go.

You’ll see the traditional pumpkins with the bright green steams. Then we have many more pumpkins featuring assorted faces to them.

Pumpkins  IMG_4221 1

pumpkins IMG_4369

pumpkins 1

Minnie IMG_4226 1

A little about the Minnie Mouse Halloween cookie. I bake some of those cookies with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter that I have not really knowing what I would do with it. My youngest daughter absolutely loves Mickey, so I just thought I would make them for her.  As I started decorating them, I kept hating their look more and more… but I kept going. I thought the eyes were so ugly and the smiles all crocked. They just didn’t look good at all. Then at the very last minute I decided to make a pumpkin with their ears using black icing to stand out. Well… all I have to say is that this Minnie Mouse cookie is the most seen cookie in my flickr account. Who knew!!!

A final look of the assorted Halloween cookies for 2013. I made quite a few candy Halloween cookies, but unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of them. You can see at least one of them down below.

halloween IMG_4393

See you later with more Halloween cookies!!

Halloween Treats 2011- Kindermusik

Posted on November 15th, 2011 in Cookies, Cupcakes, Other Sweet Treats

We again had the opportunity to make treats for one of my favorite family events, Kindermusik’s Fall Family Music Night. It was only appropriate to make spooky treats since the event was held on Saturday 29th, just before Halloween.

Here are some of the cookies we prepared for them this year.

I’m not a huge fan of candy corn (although I can eat a few of them without complaining), but I love how they turned out in cookies.

I love this cookie because it is so versatile and I can make for pretty much every occasion.

The next one was also one of my favorites. I don’t have the spider web cutter, but the circle cutter worked. I wish I would have made it in different colors. The spiders (on the webs) look more like mmh… ticks (yikes!). I’ll fix that next time.

My mom loved this particular cookie design. Eye catching uh? It made a few people wondered how we made that.

I love these friendly creatures. Adorable and cute ghosts.

What’s Halloween without some witches? Here we have the boots/leggings and the hats. Maybe I’ll work on the entire body next year.

And just to make it spooky enough for the little ones…

I was never happy with the “B”… I just couldn’t get it right.

The family night was a lot of fun. It was all about sharing a music night with the whole family and learning while doing it.  Let me share the experience with you if you have never been to one of them.

Parents and children gather in a spacious room with the very awesome and talented Jenn Horak leading everyone on a musical journey of fun and games. Jenn either plays music or sings to everyone to make kids become active while they jump, sing, dance and share musical instruments.  They may not know it, but children are learning and developing other skills (social, musical, and more).

Caregivers become active too! Grown ups get to participate along with the kids on this musical event as they also get to sing and dance with their little ones.

If you are interested or just curious about Kindermusik, visit their website. My children have benefited tremendously from this learning experience and I’m sure yours will too. My son Noah is almost 3 years old and he absolutely looks forward to Saturdays for his music classes.

We got very positive feedback from the cookies we made this year. I just feel bad that I ran out of them  in the end!

Check out last year’s event here.

Enjoy a sweet treat every day!

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