Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 in Cookies

I had the opportunity to bake again for Kindermisik. This time, the treats were for a piano musical concert. The theme was Valentines Day and because it was piano performance, I wanted to incorporate musical items, especially a piano.

Here’s a quick look at the cookies as I arranged them in a tray.


tray IMG_5586


Musical notes displayed on large cookie hearts or fancy shaped cookies. A variety of musical and love messages are part of this design.

Hearts IMG_5516music hearts IMG_5514

music IMG_5511

I made this heart cookie with wings design last year and really liked the way they can be decorated. You can see them here.  This year I decided to use an delicate and very elegant technique called “brush embroidery”  on the wings.

flying hearts IMG_5533

Here are a few other assorted heart shaped cookies in different sizes, shapes and colors.

yellow hearts IMG_5582 1

LOVE hearts IMG_5578

LOVE hearts IMG_5580

Here you see the pianos.  I have to admit that I had a few issues with them this year and they were not as clean and/or straight as I wanted them to be, but I still liked them. I decided to add a pink key to them as well as hearts and love words.

PIANO IMG_5528 1

piano IMG_5583 1

quilted heart and piano

The next heart shaped cookie is covered with a quilting technique.  A piped border finishes the edges and gives them a special touch to them. This design doesn’t need much more details as it is simple and elegant just as it is.

quilted heart IMG_5525

quilted hearts IMG_5522

A final look of the cookies in their platter. Although red, pink and white where the main Valentine’s Day colors, I love how there’s a few shades of bright yellow and purple in the set.  The touch of black was added for the musical cookies and it stands out beautifully.

tray IMG_5590

tray IMG_5588


Thanks for visiting my site again. I hope you like the Valentines Day cookies for 2014.

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Lalaloopsy Cookies

Posted on March 16th, 2014 in Cookies

Three new Lalaloopsy sugar cookies!!

The new Lalaloopsy sugar cookies are, Alice in Lalaloopsyland, Sunny Side Up and Cinder Slippers.

all IMG_5713 1

Alice in Lalaloopsyland

A fair skin Lalaloopsy doll with a big curiosity to know about everything.  She wears her long blond hair in pigtails and ties them with black ribbons. Although you don’t see it here, her pet is a little white bunny.

Alice wlogo Collage

alice 2 IMG_5684 1

Sunny Side Up.

Sunny is a lovely full size doll that works at the farm taking care of her animals. A pretty fuchsia bow holds her adorable bright orange hair and uneven strands of curly hair. She is one cute tomboy that would make any girl fall in love with her.

Sunny wlogo Collage

sunny IMG_5673 1

Cinder Slippers

Yes! This adorable doll was inspired by the Cinderella story. Cinder is a fair skinned doll with soft pink cheeks. I love how she wears her blond hair up in a ponytail and uses a light pink bow. Her black eyes really stand out against her light and fair colors.

Cinder wlogo Collage

cinder IMG_5698

One last view of the three new dolls. My goal should be to make the full size body Lalaloopsy and/or their pets uh?

all IMG_5707 1

I think they are adorable! I am so glad I had the opportunity of working on three more dolls to add to my collection of Lalaloopsy sugar cookies. You can see more of them here and here.

Thank you for visiting the site. Have One Sweet Treat today.

Pirate Cookies – Arrr Matey!

Posted on March 8th, 2014 in Cookies

I have a pirate sugar cookie collection to show you.


Pirate cookies Collage

The cookies celebrated a boy turning 4 years old. The cookies feature a little pirate wrap on top of the number four.

Pirate no 4 IMG_4426

Pirate 4 IMG_4428

I also made a large crew of happy little buccaneers with fun and colorful wraps around their heads. After looking at them carefully, I think their eye patch could have been just a little bit larger.

buccaneers IMG_4394 1

Of course there are pirate ships matey. I used two different cutters and decorated them in many different ways.  The first pirate ship you see is made from a cookie cutter I ordered from Coppergifts. It was huge!!  I do like a big cookie because it gives me a nice big canvas to work with.

The second pirate ship has a very different shape and it is a little bit smaller.

Pirate ships  big IMG_4401 1

Pirate ship 2 IMG_4415 1

ships  IMG_4410 1

This collection could not be complete with a very popular pirate hat. The hat features a skull and bones design and accented with traditional pirate colors.

hats IMG_4436

I hope you enjoyed this Pirate/Buccaneer cookie collection. I had a lot of fun making them and I hope the birthday boy enjoyed them also.

Pirate cookies IMG_4432 1

Do you know that September 19 is international Talk Like A Pirate Day? Click here for a quick and funny link about it.

Lalaloopsy Sugar Cookies

Posted on March 1st, 2014 in Cookies

I’m excited to bring you again the Lalaloopsy Dolls… in cookies.

I have made Lalaloopsy cookies several times now. You can check more cookies faces here  and some assorted cookies that I baked for my niece here.  This time I got the opportunity of making a new character, Dot Starlight.

lalaloopsy logo Collage

Crumbs Sugar Cookie, my favorite!!! Of course…

crumbs IMG_5347

crumbs IMG_5310

Pillow Featherbed.

pillow IMG_5351

pillows IMG_5318

three IMG_5342

Dot Starlight

Dot was my latest addition to this Lalaloopsy sugar cookie collection. She is cute!

dot logo IMG_5345

dot IMG_5314

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff.

Before you start asking questions (to yourself or me), allow me to clarify. Whenever I see Mittens, her skin seems a little bit darker than the usual Lalaloopsy. I made a mistake, I admit it. I ended up using Dot’s icing color to cover some of Mitten’s cookies. It was way too dark for her, but I realized that too late.  I still think she looks cute though, but if I have the opportunity to make them again I will make adjust the color.

mittens IMG_5357

mittens IMG_5293

buttons all Collage

Would you like to guess what is the hardest thing to do with these Lalaloopsy dolls cookies? The hair!!!I will explain later.

Anyway, did you like them? I always enjoy working on them.

Thanks for stoping by to check One Sweet Treat!

Lego Birthday Treats for Noah – Part 1

Posted on February 22nd, 2014 in Cookies

For a couple of months last year I did nothing but Lego treats, mainly cakes. Now that the movie is out, Legos are much more popular. By the way, let me tell you that the movie is awesome!!

Last December, my wonderful son Noah turned 5 years old. Although he still loves Dinosaurs very much, this year he decided that he wanted a Lego birthday party… with a twist (the twist will come in Part 2).

noah's party invitation


Because I know that all the picture editing and details will take me forever to finish, I decided to break this into two posts. This first post will show the Lego cookies I made for him and his friends.

Lego Head. A very important piece.

I made several of them Lego Head cookies with different facial expressions.  Although I liked them all, I think that my absolute favorite was the one with the mustache, my mom’s idea.


IMG_4648 1



I made a lot of cookies to hand out as “Thank You” gifts along with their little treat bag. I saved a lot more cookies to arrange a birthday platter for him. The platter included a couple of special cookies to display his Happy Birthday message. My cookie platter usually include that by the way.



Lego blocks2 Collage

I was very satisfied with these cookies. My son loved them and they were a hit at the party.

Noah IMG_4498

Happy 5th birthday to my sweet loving boy, Noah.

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Posted on February 4th, 2014 in Cookies

It was my pleasure to bake and decorate scholastic sugar cookies for my children’s school, Saint Francis of Assisi.

The cookies were given as favors to all school Teachers and Staff members for all their kind and very hard work they do. I’m still editing and arranging photos, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures I have to show.


blackboards Collage

3 books IMG_5200

palette IMG_5235

busses IMG_5265 1

rulers IMG_5224

preschool boards IMG_5245

books IMG_5207 1




bus IMG_5271 1

pencil IMG_5186

More to come and share…

Enjoy One Sweet Treat today!!

Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Posted on January 18th, 2014 in Cookies

Butterfly Cookies to celebrate Abbie turning 7 years of age. A little bit more about Abbie  and how the cookies came to life later on…

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!



mariposas IMG_5041

mariposas IMG_5046

mariposas IMG_5052

mariposas IMG_5021 1

mariposas 2 Collage

mariposas IMG_5008

mariposas IMG_5054 1

mariposas IMG_5043

Mariposas Collage

Happy birthday sweet Abbie. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and cookies.

Iowa Hawkeye Sugar Cookies

Posted on January 6th, 2014 in Cookies

Happy New Year!!!


I start a new year baking a popular cookie design in my Sports category, the Iowa Hawkeye cookie.

I have previously made this cookie (several times), but only in the distinctive yellow color. As I googled the logo once again to make sure that I have correct details and proportions, I noticed how there is also a black Hawkeye. How did I not pay attention to that before?

Well, that’s how the black Hawkeye cookie was born.

hawkeyes IMG_4972 1

hawkeyes IMG_4971 1

hawkeyes IMG_4974 1

I was very happy with the look of the black Iowa Hawkeye. It was my husband’s favorite and my daughter really liked it too.

The cookies were offered as favors at a 50th birthday celebration. I received very nice and kind words from my customer as she mentioned how “beautiful” and “delicious” the cookies were.

Christmas Cookies 2013

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 in Cookies

This post comes late to you (as always I know). but I rather show it to you than never post it officially.  Better late than never right?

A few more details will come later.

Happy Birthday Frosty!!

frosty IMG_4746 1

frosty IMG_4743

Some playful and joyful reindeer…

reindeer IMG_4749 1

reindeer IMG_4738

Wishing Merry Christmas and Joy to the World…

joy IMG_4778

joy IMG_4791 1

Merry Christmas IMG_4785

And hoping you are surrounded by family and friends in a very cozy home.

houses IMG_4756 1

houses IMG_4760 1

Enjoying gingerbread cookies, candy cakes, watching Frosty the Snowman and hoping Santa come to your house.

Chrismas cookies Collage

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Fall Season Cookies – 2013

Posted on November 8th, 2013 in Cookies

Probably my favorite season of the year is Fall. The colors. The smells. The fresh air.

Here are some cookies to start my 2013 Fall Season cookie collection.


fall cookies 2013 Collage

oak leaves IMG_4474 1

leaves IMG_4473 1

oak leaves IMG_4446

white pumpkins IMG_4454

apples IMG_4460

Turkeys IMG_4462 1

fall platter 2013 IMG_4482

I will be posting more of my work as the Fall season and Thanksgiving Holiday wind down. Check back soon and I hope you enjoyed the cookies.

Remember that I am available for orders. Please send me an email for more information.

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