Pirate Cookies – Arrr Matey!

Posted on March 8th, 2014 in Cookies

I have a pirate sugar cookie collection to show you.


Pirate cookies Collage

The cookies celebrated a boy turning 4 years old. The cookies feature a little pirate wrap on top of the number four.

Pirate no 4 IMG_4426

Pirate 4 IMG_4428

I also made a large crew of happy little buccaneers with fun and colorful wraps around their heads. After looking at them carefully, I think their eye patch could have been just a little bit larger.

buccaneers IMG_4394 1

Of course there are pirate ships matey. I used two different cutters and decorated them in many different ways.  The first pirate ship you see is made from a cookie cutter I ordered from Coppergifts. It was huge!!  I do like a big cookie because it gives me a nice big canvas to work with.

The second pirate ship has a very different shape and it is a little bit smaller.

Pirate ships  big IMG_4401 1

Pirate ship 2 IMG_4415 1

ships  IMG_4410 1

This collection could not be complete with a very popular pirate hat. The hat features a skull and bones design and accented with traditional pirate colors.

hats IMG_4436

I hope you enjoyed this Pirate/Buccaneer cookie collection. I had a lot of fun making them and I hope the birthday boy enjoyed them also.

Pirate cookies IMG_4432 1

Do you know that September 19 is international Talk Like A Pirate Day? Click here for a quick and funny link about it.

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