First Communion Crosses – Saints

Posted on June 14th, 2014 in Cookies

May is the month for First Communions. This year I worked on a a few orders one of them being my daughter’s Holy Eucharist (well, I can’t count that as an order).

This set of cookies were made for a little group of boys from St. Francis of Assisi who play baseball and were celebrating their First Communion. The name of their team is the “Saints”.


saints uniform

The request called for a combination of grey, gold and black which were the colors of the uniforms and the name of the team included on the cookie. It was hard to envision a cross cookie with such deep colors. I knew I couldn’t make a black cross… and I couldn’t make it brown (like wood). Gold I thought was too deep, so my last choice was grey. I wasn’t too convinced, but I gave it a shot.


crosses IMG_5784 1

This particular cross mold doesn’t make a big cookie, so putting the name of the team on the cross was a little bit tough. By the way, writing on cookies and making eyes are my… lets say, nightmare. I have lost so many cookie doing that.

crosses IMG_5787

I knew the name would be in gold, but cookies still look too sad… too dark. Although adding a chalice and host was not part of the plan, I thought it would make the cookies a little bit brighter. I loved how they turned out!!!  I finished the cookies by brushing the chalice with gold luster dust to add shine to them.

crosses IMG_5779


I received wonderful comments about the cookies and that made my day.

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