It’s Movie Time!

Posted on November 5th, 2014 in Cookies, News

The cookies you are about to see are super fun and they were fun to make also.

Popcorn Sugar Cookies!!!

closeup popcorn IMG_6730

But you cannot get in the movie theater without a ticket. The ticket was inspired by the party invitation we received from Rachel. The ticket was the personalized cookie I made specially for her.

ticket IMG_6731 1

popcorn IMG_6718

And here is the whole set of cookies.  The cookies were  cookie favors for girls attending Rachel’s birthday party.

popcorn IMG_6694


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First Communion Crosses – Saints

Posted on June 14th, 2014 in Cookies

May is the month for First Communions. This year I worked on a a few orders one of them being my daughter’s Holy Eucharist (well, I can’t count that as an order).

This set of cookies were made for a little group of boys from St. Francis of Assisi who play baseball and were celebrating their First Communion. The name of their team is the “Saints”.


saints uniform

The request called for a combination of grey, gold and black which were the colors of the uniforms and the name of the team included on the cookie. It was hard to envision a cross cookie with such deep colors. I knew I couldn’t make a black cross… and I couldn’t make it brown (like wood). Gold I thought was too deep, so my last choice was grey. I wasn’t too convinced, but I gave it a shot.


crosses IMG_5784 1

This particular cross mold doesn’t make a big cookie, so putting the name of the team on the cross was a little bit tough. By the way, writing on cookies and making eyes are my… lets say, nightmare. I have lost so many cookie doing that.

crosses IMG_5787

I knew the name would be in gold, but cookies still look too sad… too dark. Although adding a chalice and host was not part of the plan, I thought it would make the cookies a little bit brighter. I loved how they turned out!!!  I finished the cookies by brushing the chalice with gold luster dust to add shine to them.

crosses IMG_5779


I received wonderful comments about the cookies and that made my day.

Lalaloopsy Sugar Cookies

Posted on March 1st, 2014 in Cookies

I’m excited to bring you again the Lalaloopsy Dolls… in cookies.

I have made Lalaloopsy cookies several times now. You can check more cookies faces here  and some assorted cookies that I baked for my niece here.  This time I got the opportunity of making a new character, Dot Starlight.

lalaloopsy logo Collage

Crumbs Sugar Cookie, my favorite!!! Of course…

crumbs IMG_5347

crumbs IMG_5310

Pillow Featherbed.

pillow IMG_5351

pillows IMG_5318

three IMG_5342

Dot Starlight

Dot was my latest addition to this Lalaloopsy sugar cookie collection. She is cute!

dot logo IMG_5345

dot IMG_5314

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff.

Before you start asking questions (to yourself or me), allow me to clarify. Whenever I see Mittens, her skin seems a little bit darker than the usual Lalaloopsy. I made a mistake, I admit it. I ended up using Dot’s icing color to cover some of Mitten’s cookies. It was way too dark for her, but I realized that too late.  I still think she looks cute though, but if I have the opportunity to make them again I will make adjust the color.

mittens IMG_5357

mittens IMG_5293

buttons all Collage

Would you like to guess what is the hardest thing to do with these Lalaloopsy dolls cookies? The hair!!!I will explain later.

Anyway, did you like them? I always enjoy working on them.

Thanks for stoping by to check One Sweet Treat!

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Posted on February 4th, 2014 in Cookies

It was my pleasure to bake and decorate scholastic sugar cookies for my children’s school, Saint Francis of Assisi.

The cookies were given as favors to all school Teachers and Staff members for all their kind and very hard work they do. I’m still editing and arranging photos, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures I have to show.


blackboards Collage

3 books IMG_5200

palette IMG_5235

busses IMG_5265 1

rulers IMG_5224

preschool boards IMG_5245

books IMG_5207 1




bus IMG_5271 1

pencil IMG_5186

More to come and share…

Enjoy One Sweet Treat today!!

Puppy Love Cake

Posted on October 12th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies

About a month ago, my wonderful sister in law gave me the opportunity to design and create a cake to celebrate her daughter’s 2nd birthday. I always appreciate the freedom of her cake requests. She provides a main theme and several sources of inspiration, but she lets me play with the final cake design.

For Layla’s birthday she asked for a Puppy, multilevel cake. I later received a picture of the beautiful dress Layla would be wearing at the party. Amy also added a few cake ideas on her Pinterest board and the rest was up to me. Love it!!

Here is a collage that features most of the details of the cake.

Puppy Cake Collage

A red doggy collar with a shimmering silver buckle is the detail that separates the tiers. Now I wish I would have made a dog leash… maybe next time.

Puppies 2 IMG_3626 1

A set of cute and playful puppies are the main details of this birthday cake. Since the puppies are all females, I folded stripes of fondant and used them to create the little flowers that you see by their ears. The pink one has a couple of bows though…. with lots of shimmering dust.

fondant puppies Collage

Black set of puppy paws are placed on the front of the top tier. I also made smaller gray and brown paws, but they are on the sides and back (and I didn’t take a picture). The doggy bone accents the bottom tier and emphasizes the 2nd birthday.

Puppies IMG_3644

Puppies IMG_3642 1

And here’s a final look of the cake before getting into the cookie part. Oh, cake flavors include Almond cake and Strawberry cake.

Dog cake IMG_3630 1

Here are the sugar decorated cookies. I absolutely love the many possibilities to decorate Scotty cookies. Their little vest are very versatile and could be well adopted to any color scheme.

Puppies IMG_5822

Puppies IMG_5830

A few more doggy cookies. Since I don’t know the specific breed of this cookie cutter, we can assume is a lovely and faithful mutt.

Puppy Cookies Collage

There you go. A wonderful set of treats for a puppy/dog lover of any age. In this case, my now 2 year old niece Layla.


I hope you had a fun and beautiful birthday.

Mario Bros – Treats

Posted on July 18th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies

This is a Mario Bros cake designed to celebrate a birthday.

MBros IMG_3392 1

The cake topper consists of a fondant star brushed with lots of glitter (that you probably cannot see here) and a Super Mario chocolate design.

MBros IMG_3408 1

The next three shots are just closeups of some of the cake details. The cake decorations are both fondant (mostly) and chocolate pieces.

MBros IMG_3403

MBros IMG_3406

MBros IMG_3404 1

We also created 1-up mushroom sugar cookies and stars to go with the cake. The sugar cookies are covered with Royal Icing. Again, if the eyes are not correct then I have to discard it. Trust me… I made a few mistakes.

MBros IMG_3385

MBros IMG_3388 1

MBros IMG_3376 1

I absolutely loved those mushrooms. I don’t own the mushroom cutter, but the round cookie cutter worked out perfectly.

1-up mushrooms Collage

I hope you liked them!

Seeing Stars?

Posted on March 5th, 2013 in Cookies

Lots of tiny stars to show you.

I finished over 75 small sugar cookie stars and colored them Turquoise, Yellow and Purple. The cookies are frosted in royal icing.

stars - PYT 1

The cookies were then packaged into individual bags for cookie favors. I included one of each color.

stars - packages

The cookie favors were handed out to kids at the Charlee’s Elite School of Dance.

These packages of cookie favors are perfect edible gifts. The nice thing about them is that I can make them using the stars cookie cutters you just saw, flowers, eggs (for Easter) and so many more shapes.

Thanks for reading!  Remember to have One Sweet Treat today.

Happy Birthday Noahsaurus!

Posted on February 28th, 2013 in Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes

In the next few days I’ll be adding several post of desserts I have made… in the past. Lets say, ways back in the past.

2012 was a year of lots of sweets and treats that unfortunately didn’t get posted. So I am planning of showing the pictures and later adding the very important details about each and every event.

So with that, and and apology to my own son, we’ll get started with this post.


This was all for my Noah’s 4th birthday party.

JPIII Collage


Dino cookies3


Dino cookies1


Dino cookies2


Dino cookie platter1


dinosaurio table party 2


JPIII table Collage



Happy Birthday my sweet boy! He is my little Noahsaurus.

Bernese Mountain Dog Cookies for Banks

Posted on February 12th, 2013 in Cookies

I have mixed feeling about the following post.

I absolutely love making sugar cookies, but this time I was a little bit sad during the process of baking and decorating these set of cookies.

They were designed to ‘celebrate’ the good life of a gorgeous dog who unfortunately passed away, Banks, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Banks Collage 1

BMD Banks 1

Usually this tricolor  Swiss breed  has a patch of widely spread white hair on top of the head.

Banks had a distinctive line of white hair, more like a triangle. So I focused on that particular feature when creating all of his cookies.

Banks Collage 6

This is my third set of BMD cookies.  You can see previous posts here and here. In this particular set I included four different designs.

BMD Banks Collage

I think this is by far my favorite design. The green leaves make the dog image pop up a little bit more, I think.

BMD Banks 20

The cookies were  meant to be shared with family and friends of this wonderful dog.  Here one more time is Banks, the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Banks Collage 3

I tried to capture his image the best I could. His owner was very happy to receive the cookies and like I told him, the cookies were made with love and always thinking of his beloved Banks.

Gold Medal Cookies – Lillie Doehrmann

Posted on January 31st, 2013 in Cookies

This following post makes me tear up. Seriously.

My daughter Lillie has been attending gymnastics sessions for the past… 2 years I believe. I’m not going to say this because she is my daughter, but she is very talented.

I absolutely love seeing her in each and every single apparatus, but my favorite by far has to be the bars which happens to be the one she excels at.

Sometimes they have meets where all they do is the floor routines, it is called a Tumbling meet. Well, this past weekend she had another meet where she competed in all of the apparatus (these are the good ones!). I felt the urge call to make some cookies for all of the Superstar girls – that’s the little group’s name.

When thinking about what to do, the most obvious cookie design that came to my head was… Medals!! I’m so excited to show you what I came up with.

I made three different sets/types of medals.  One of them has the edible ribbons attached to them. The other set has the ribbon going through a whole in the cookie.


gymnastics medals 3

gymnastics medals 6

I have the third set of medal cookies here. I think they are my favorites, but the most delicate to work with.

The focus of this cookie is a gymnast’s silhouette in different positions or apparatus. Two jumping or leaping gymnasts showing their elasticity. One sitting and balancing on the beam and of course the gymnast going in circles on the bars.

gymnastics medals 1

With this  particular design I made the mistake of making the silhouettes first and then deciding the size of cookie cutter I was going to use. I made several girls on the beam, but I the beam was so long that it didn’t fit on the medal so very few were finished. My kids ended up using them to make their own cookies though.

I guess the most difficult part of making these cookies was trying to hold my breath while I made the silhouette. I had to get each and each and every curve perfectly positioned. I was gasping for air after piping each gymnast!

gymnastics medals 5

gymnastics medals 2

There was sooo much glitter on these cookies. I looove glitter and I use it as often as I possibly can! Unfortunately you can’t see it very well in my bad pictures, but I had to make them shine like gold right?

gymnastics medals 10

Each and every little gymnast received a medal sugar cookie for their great performance when the competition ended. They were all wonderful and they all look so cute.

Here’s one last shot  of the medal cookies I made thinking of my sweet little champion, Lillie.

gymnastics Collage

We are very proud parents of a little champion. Lillie won second place in floor and beam, first place in beam and bars, and earned a first place medal in the all around competition for the second time in a row.

Lillie champ

Congratulations Sweet Heart. We love You.

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