Christmas Cookies – 2014

Posted on January 7th, 2015 in Cookies

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah, I know you might be tired of hearing that by now. I want to wish you a very prosperous.

No words (for now), just pictures. Pretty ones, I hope.  Enjoy!


xmas trees IMG_7693

trees IMG_7726

leaves IMG_7702

snowmen IMG_7777

candy2 IMG_7709

candy2 IMG_7710

trees IMG_7769

gift tags IMG_7713

manger IMG_7684 1

snowflakes IMG_7762

manger IMG_7788

all IMG_7781

Well, like I tend to say… better late than never.

Those were my Christmas sugar cookies of 2014. I own a large number (very large number) of Christmas cookie cutters and it was very difficult to decide what to do this year. I certainly miss working on  my cookie houses and Santa Claus designs, but I was so happy to finally incorporate baby Jesus into one design. After all, Christmas would be without him.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or Holiday) and I truly wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Although I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions (long story that I don’t have time to write about), I really hope I can change the fact that I ‘neglect’ my blog. I hope this year I can show you more of my work, with more details and more… more of everything.

Let the fun for this New Year start…. Let the New Year’s baking of more Sweet Treats begin.

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Holiday Extravaganza at St. Francis of Assisi

Posted on November 16th, 2010 in Cakes, Cookies, Other Sweet Treats

We had the opportunity of participating at the Holiday Extravaganza Show this past Sunday at St. Francis of Assisi church, our church. We baked and baked and when we finished baking, we decorated like mad women.

Some of the treats we created were  Sugar Cookies (Christmas), Cake, Cake Balls and Assorted Cookies. Here’s what we offered at the Show, but first here’s a picture of the table we set out.

Our Cake/Treats Table

Winter gloves & boots


Green & blue snowflakes

Raindeer & Misletoes

Decorated Christmas Trees

Christmas Presents

Christmas People

Christmas Houses

Cake Balls

Cookie Sandwiches

Cookie Tray – Small cookies

Cookie Tray – Large cookies

Wehad three Styrofoam cakes for people to see our work and we also prepared a small Tres Leches cake for people to try out. Dulce de Leche buttercream was offered with each slice of cake.

What do you think? It was a lot of work, especially because the day before we had to be at another show at Prairie Life Fitness. It wasn’t exhausting being there, but preparing all the treats was a lot of work. We enjoy what we do and I especially love to hear people that they enjoy the look and taste of our cookies and treats.

I hope you enjoyed looking and reading this post.

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